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Earth's four Green Lanterns united to stop the mad Guardian of the Universe, Krona, and his army of mind-controlled Lanterns. But all of them have paid a heavy price.

Hal Jordan has lost his ring and this place in the corps, and has been banished to Earth. John Stewart was forced to kill a fellow Lantern, and his comrades may never forgive him. And with Sinestro - the Lanterns' deadliest enemy- seemingly reinstated into the corps, Kyle Rayner finds himself at odds with his girlfriend Soranik Natu... who is also Sinestro's daughter and the person who most wants to see him dead.

How can the Green Lantern Corps continue to protect the universe when the Lanterns are traumatized by the war they've just lived through, and with their faith in the Guardians of the Universe gone, perhaps forever? This is the end of the Green Lantern Corps as we know it.. but is this the end of the Corps for all time?

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