War kings #6

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spoiler alert but not a big spoiler: 
omg did you see vulcan in war of kings #6,hes a beast.he man handeled black bolt,and when black bolt tore vulcan apart vulcan rebuilt his living body,i guess now vulcan has the ability to heal or something but now people better not say hes not omega level because he man handled black bolt and most of all he came back to life after black bolt use his voice...and i bet cha that he survive the bomb because they kept saying stuff about him rebuilding his body and it didnt even show really vulcan and black bolt blowing up it just showed the ship minutes later....but this is not the end fans of war of kings, in september theyre coming out with "War of kings:who will rule one shot", that will either conclude the war of kings series or lead to a new series that will be SWEET,oh and vulcan has to be alive if he can rebuild his body and hes no doupt and OMEGA LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what will happen???oh and guys check out mighty avenger #27 it shows some pretty cool stuff

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oh and guys this is another spoiler:if your worried that vulcan and black bolt are dead they cant be because on the cover for the war of kings:who will rule one shot it has both of them...
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i just like to know two things:
if Vulcan can regenerate from that type of damage, why is his eye still gone?
and when did he get super strength?

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thats a good question about his eye because he just rebuilt his body but he couldnt just recreate his eye,maybe its because the tech eye is just in the way or the just messed up on something,but you know what im talking about right youve read war of kings 6?and about super strengh i really dont know maybe he already had it or maybe it might correspond with his other powers...and i think it for sure that vulcan and black bolt are still alive because of multiple reason,they show both of them of the cover of war of kings:who will rule one-shot,also it really didnt show them get blownup it just shown the bomb and everything,and vulcans newly found regenerative ability might come in handy...dont you think strongestonetherels?????????????
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so how did bolt tear him apart? with his voice? also how did he pull himself back together was it energy or like wolvs does just heals? when he was using this super strength was he glowing like the energy was making him stronger? dont have this book yet thats why i ask
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@emperorvulcan432 said:
"thats a good question about his eye because he just rebuilt his body but he couldnt just recreate his eye,maybe its because the tech eye is just in the way or the just messed up on something,but you know what im talking about right youve read war of kings 6?and about super strengh i really dont know maybe he already had it or maybe it might correspond with his other powers...and i think it for sure that vulcan and black bolt are still alive because of multiple reason,they show both of them of the cover of war of kings:who will rule one-shot,also it really didnt show them get blownup it just shown the bomb and everything,and vulcans newly found regenerative ability might come in handy...dont you think strongestonetherels????????????? "

i agree with you 
i loved the battle though
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The series was better than I expected but I was a little disappointed with Gladiator's show of power during it. I believe they are lost in what was described as a rupture in time in space. Love the end with Gladiator. He deserves it.
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Interesting...so Vucan yet lives.......thought for sure he would have been killed by BB but guess not....can't keep a good villain down  it seems.....
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Vulcan is to Marvel like Prime is to DC.
Really disappointed with the fight between Vulcan and Black Bolt. It seemed like they entirely undercut Black Bolt in favour of Vulcan who they seemed to make the centre of attention. I can't quite understand how Black Bolt's first voice blast only 'skinned' Vulcan who suddenly out of no where starts healing himself. And as someone said above, since when has he had super levels of strength? I like Vulcan but that fight was just....horrid.
It seemed like a one sided fight the entire time and then ended a little abruptly. I was hoping for a more, excuse the phrase, 'epic' fight between both kings. Something to really make everyone realise just how powerful and dangerous both men are / can be when they go full throttle. And more importantly I was hoping for a little more from Black Bolt since the entire series seemed to focus on Vulcan half the time, I expected them to give Black Bolt a bit more respect toward the end after he was going to sacrafice himself with the T-Bomb.
But I guess this is what happens when you put crappy mutants and x-men in the cosmic marvel universe. Disappointed I am, very much so :(

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well the series was kind of made because of vulcan...everyone thought vulcan would get man handled by black bolt but it was the other way around,when black bolt used his voice than vulcan kind of discovered a way to use the energy power to bring himself back together...but the final scene we see vulcan holding black down by the neck and on the right says on the computer screen "overload,overload" and actually i think the t-bomb aint the terrigen anymore because they deactivated it and it just exploded  like a bomb, oh and gladiator was kind of a let down it that one because he didnt really fight at all,he just picked up the scepter and there we go....but yeah if anyones worrying the black bolt and vulcan is dead "Theyre not" because on the cover of "War of kings:who will rule one-shot" and they didnt really show them dying exactly,also i think vulcans newly found "energy healing" will pull him together if he blows up.vulcan rules
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Lol, all that fight does is show that Black Bolt can put Vulcan on his @$$ whenever he pleases, the only reason he held back was because he did not want to prematurely set of the T-Bomb, even if he is an Omega level mutant he is still has an above average body which is not good enough when your opponent's whispers can shatter bones.

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@Hamz & @emperorvulcan432:  Hardly, we are forgetting that Black Bolt had already expended a significant amount of power for the T-bomb device, which probably made him less effective than he would normally be and he didn't want to damage the machinery which is why Vulcan give him the beating but yet with all of that power couldn't quiet do Black Bolt in. Vulcan is an Omega-level energy manipulator, much like Jean is an Omega-level psionic, it stands to reason that he would have used Black Bolt's released energy to rebuild himself. 
It isn't as efficient as a healing factor but still effective and requiers a vast amount of energy, just like when Bobby (Ice man) is blown to bits and pieces but doesn't quit die but he can't reform himself unless there isn't enough moisture for him to do so. Same principal would apply to Gabriel (Vulcan) they are both Omega-level energy manipulators just Bobby's is limited to Thermal energies whereas Gabriel isn't. Another thing to consider is that while Vulcan can reform himself it will likely take substantially longer to heal from being blown to smittereens. Much like how when Darwin was pure energy and had to completely rebuild his body from scratch.
I thought it interesting that Gladiator would be viewed as the new Majestor of the Shi'Ar which does actually mean that he would rule. Then their is still Adam(Warlock) to consider in this mess who will like be the one dealing with the rip those two caused detonating that device.
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@Calix: You make a fair point there. I guess I overlooked the fact he (BB) still wanted to T-Bomb to arrive intact to its target destination. And I agree that seeing Gladiator being viewed or considered as the Majestor of the Shi'Ar is mighty interesting. Looking forward to seeing what Marvel does with that.
Still more interested to see what goes on with that rip in time and space. Rumour is Thanos will return from it? Is this plausable?
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Thanos being back... Don't know how I feel about that.
I suppose the GotG do need a villain for their book seeing as War of Kings is pretty much over but I was under the impression that Death had chosen a new avatar... Phyla-Vell. 
So wouldn't that render Thanos obsolete?

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i think vulcans still powerful because all these things you are saying about black bolt ,we dont know for sure,but im a hundred percent sure will see both of them inthe one shot
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and also black bolt wasnt that weakened i mean he just uses his voice one time,and than it multiplys it.vulcan rules
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Yes, it's all the mutant's fault! When in doubt, blame The X-Men!
C'mon now, that's just silliness...

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everyone answer:do you think vulcan and blackbolt survive war of kings 6 and will be in the war of kings who will rule oneshot?and why? 
my answer:yes 
why:because it shows them both on the cover of war of kings who will rule one shot,another reason is because it didnt really show them die i just showed a screen with them and a overload screen so the wirters might have made it like that so something couldve happened between them (wink wink) and they survive,and most of all they cant just ruin 2 good characters lives like that vulcan only had 4 years in comics and the writers even said they had something in store for vulcan even after war of kings is far over and black bolt has such a famous history.vulcan rules
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@emperorvulcan432: I think Black Bolt held back because of the bomb. He would have clean the floor with Vulcan if it was not for that. It looks like both  characters will make it back in the MU. Yes, Vulcan got his licks in but Black Bolt tore him up in the end.In no way Vulcan won the Battle.
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but in now way did black bolt except for the bomb going off because vulcans had the final holddown

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@emperorvulcan432 said:

but in now way did black bolt except for the bomb going off because vulcans had the final holddown

Can you post the clip your referring too?Maybe I missed something.
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@sexy beast:
didnt you see when vulcan came back to life he jump on black bolt and held him down by the neck right before the bomb exploded,it was the last scene with vulcan and black in the war of kings 6,but theylle probaly fight one last time in war of kings who will rule oneshot and black bolt will as you guys say "use his full power" and vulcan will probaly rebuild himself again and beat the shit out of black bolt or black bolt will run away to his little weak inhumans.vulcan rules.

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@emperorvulcan432 said:

@sexy beast:
didnt you see when vulcan came back to life he jump on black bolt and held him down by the neck right before the bomb exploded,it was the last scene with vulcan and black in the war of kings 6,but theylle probaly fight one last time in war of kings who will rule oneshot and black bolt will as you guys say "use his full power" and vulcan will probaly rebuild himself again and beat the shit out of black bolt or black bolt will run away to his little weak inhumans.vulcan rules.

I doubt it but there is always a first time for everything.While I agree with you Vulcan did get the better of two in the fight I dont believe Vulcan won the fight ,I believe its unfinished and you may be right as it may continue but I dont know for sure. Black Bolt has never been defeated one on one combat and I doubt it will happen.Vulcan got tore up and took the most damage.
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neither won,and neither lost...and i know for sure %100 that theyll be in the one-shot and whos knows they might be trapped somewhere lost or something and they both got to work together to get out,and that would be awesom!!!!!!but i doupt that. but i know for sure when it picks up in the one-shot that theyll most likely be together where ever they are and no telling if theyll fight each or team up to find there way...the only thing i hate about black bolt is that he cant talk and hes very unstable and he could be a god if he used that voice of his regulary...you guys might think im evil and harsh for thinking that but i like the evil side because they are the wise ones the use their power to their advantage and not anyelses like "vulcan" ,"doctor doom",and so far,only people i like on the good side is gladiator,havok,and sentry but sentry is dumb as hell

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@emperorvulcan432: I would say Black bolt won and I am all Vulcan from pretty  much from the moment he was introduced.
When I say Black Bolt I however am not only referring to their battle. 
Vulcan's whole goal was to be emulate Caesar and to that extent he became Emperor of the Shi'Ar and while he took revenge on D'Ken for murdering his mother and killed his father for failing to protect both him and his mother from D'Ken. He failed to Kill Xavier, who next to D'Ken are the ones I really hold responsible for Gabriel current warped state of mind,  he failed to successfully rule the Empire he had taken. He should have quit while he was ahead but instead engaged headlessly in battle with Black Bolt and the Kree. His Empire was exhausted and stretched to the max due to his aggressive expansion agenda, he could barely keep things under control. Lilandra almost succeeded in regaining her title when she died but more importantly Kallark now holds the Imperial title. 
The explosion of Black Bolt power blast was so fierce that it destroyed 87% of the Imperial fleet if I am not mistaken and they ceeded the victory to the Inhumans/Kree.  
Then their is the fact that had Black bolt cut loose as Vulcan was doing Gabriel would have not been tissue and bones f.e. his protestic eye courtesy of the Shi'Ar was gone but his original(biological) eye was still in its socket, There would (should) have been nothing left.
Yes Vulcan could very likely rebuild himself (in time) but Black bolt could shatter mountains, destroy small planets with his voice. Vulcan is an Omega sure but and has some skills but he is but a teen an adults body and his training is nowhere that of lets say Jean, or Elixer or that of Bobby He wouldn't have defeated Black Bolt. As it stands Vulcan would (and clearly) barely survive(d) Black bolt.  even as he was chocking Black Bolt he was being held togehter by energy and the explosion was tripped when Black bolt opened his mouth. 
So doesn't matter which angle you look at it unfortuantely Gabriel lost!
As for the one shot don't know again Adam and the Guardians are likely the ones who will be dealing with the rip in time and space and only then can I have an possible assesment as to who survived. Who will rule was pretty much a given at the end of WoK #6 The Inhumans/Kree won the Shi'Ar had ceeded to them. So the question becomes either Medusa, Maximus, Ronan will rule and where Kallark and the Shi'Ar stand will have to be decided.
Crystal and Ronnan are likely to stick with the Kree... Something is happening with those two and whatever it is it's working.
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do you think bb and vulcan are still alive...and also some people are saying that vulcan reuilt himself from black bolts energy if thats true hell easily be able to reform himself from the energy from the bomb because that black bolts energy
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@emperorvulcan432: I do think Vulcan is/was sustaining himself thru the energy that Black Bolt unleashed but also just general ambient energies much like brothers do. 
So Yes its likely that Vulcan will survive by sustaining himself with the energy that was expended with the bomb much like how Darwin kept him alive prior to him waking up in Space courtesy of the Scarlet Witch. However just because he has vast quantities of energy to do so doesn't mean that he can do so easily or even that he can rebuild himself. 
Unlike Iceman who's is ice thus only needs moisture and quickly reforms, and not to mention that he has done it quiet a few times by now even when completely shattered. Vulcan seems to be holding on to (bind) his corporal form. 
If you look at the panels he wasn't rebuilding anything it was still the same bloodied form that Black Bolt had blasted.  His right eye was still missing and lets not forget that after Gladiator destroyed that eye it wasn't rebuild, he was given one by the Shi'Ar. Havok blasted the right side of his face after being powered by by the star Vulcan had dumped in on. the scar tissue on his face still was there as he battled Black Bolt many weeks/ months after Havok's encounter. This would/should negate his whole rebuilding theory.
In short, yes on surviving, no on rebuilding.
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well i mean when they showed him laying their on the ground after he got blasted he look more deformed than he did when holding black bolt down,but i dont know,all of our questions will answered in the one-shot
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Personally I feel Black Bolt was the victor in the fight with Vulcan. I do however think the fight was disappointing, I'd have really liked to see more of Vulcan and Black Bolt having an epic fight. However as has been said above it does make sense that Black Bolt would hold back and keep his power in check during the fight since he was likely hoping to delay Vulcan long enough for the T-Bomb to reach its designated target. And clearly that method of thinking is backed up by the fact when he did let out an extreme and amplified scream he not only skinned Vulcan once, but went on to rip a hole in time and space itself.
As for Vulcan healing / rebuilding himself I do have to question just exactly what that means. I fail to see how Vulcan can have a healing factor similar to Wolverine. And he clearly hadn't rebuilt himself after his skin was ripped away from his body as the scene showed him still skinless. My best educated explanation would be he simply used his remaining power to override the pain and anguish he was under so that he could still use his body and not succumb to his injuries. After all that seems the most logical explanation, to use his power to fuel his body enough that he can still, if barely, continue the fight. You have to remember Vulcan was not holding back during that fight and yet he still struggled to defeat Black Bolt, and even then he never did win as Black Bolt simply had to open his mouth, let his voice be heard and cause an explosion big enough to rip a hole in time and space. Vulcan on the other hand managed to pin Black Bolt to the floor a few times, bruise and beat him a little, but he didn't skin him, he didn't rip a hole in time and space. He was no where near that level of power and such like.
I think at the end of the day Vulcan is a brilliant character. But misused in the War of Kings story, so much so that he came across like a SuperBoy Prime more than he did a crazed Emperor.
As for will both Black Bolt and Vulcan survive after the ending to War of Kings #6 I have my doubts as to whether Vulcan will survive. Mainly because if one low powered scream can skin Vulcan alive, then surely a more high power one that rips a hole in time and space would obliterate his remaining body? However I do imagine, Marvel being Marvel, they will somehow make an excuse to keep Vulcan around. As I said earlier, Vulcan is to Marvel as SuperBoy Prime is to DC. The Mary-Sue villain that always returns no matter how ill-logical it seems to be for them to do so.
What I am more interested in is seeing how Medusa will adjust to being on her own and how will Crystal and Ronan's role within the Kree / Inhuman alliance play out. I get the impression Crystal and Ronan will likely take the leadership role together as husband and wife while Medusa begins to fall into a more subordinate role. Then of course seeing Gladiator as the new Shi'Ar Majestor will be very exciting. Very exciting indeed to see how he handles the role of leading when he is used to following.

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but black bolt cant control(or the level) the screams that come out of his mouth,and he didnt cause the ripple himself he screamed and than it activated the bomb,his scream alone did not cause the ripple and if you look at vulcan from the point he was laying on the ground persumed dead and the point hes holding down black bolt vulcan has more tisseue on him,and i doubt he just powered himself,he rebuilt his self to enough to stay alive,if he repowered himself he wouldnt of said "i just keep rebuilding my self" and crystal wouldnt of said at the end "he reformed himself" and did you noticed that at the end black bolt didnt cause the explosion at the end it was already overloading thats why crystal and him tried to escape,it was the explosion alone from the bomb that caused the ripple,if black bolt did scream at the end vulcan would be knocked back at least when he was holding black bolt down.he did power himself he rebuilt himself with energy!!!!!!

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@emperorvulcan432: Black Bolt can and has proven in the past he can control the level of power produced by his voice. Just like you and I can change the tone and volume of our voices Black Bolt can do the exact same. A whisper from him will likely blow you apart, a normal conversational tone will probably level a mountain and a shout from him will likely cause a planet to begin to literally shake itself apart with vibrations. However something louder, something like a bellow or a roar from him when he is super angry is likely going to result in some serious levels of destruction / danger / power. 
And yes he was the one who caused the rip in space and time. The last scene before we see the explosion from a distance in space we see Black Bolt opening his mouth, the implication there is rather obvious. He let out a final burst of his voice as the bomb hit critical levels of overload, his voice and the energy created from it likely caused an unseen and adverse effect to the bomb. He essentially (for explanations sake) turned a basic C4 explosive into a Nuclear warhead by powering it up with his voice. In fact that is exactly why Black Bolt was aboard the T-Bomb in the first place, using his voice to power it and charge it. So yes his voice was responsible for the rip in time and space.
As I said already Vulcan didn't heal or rebuild himself. There is next to no difference in his physical state between the moment he is laying on the floor, stunned and skinless as there is to when he and Black Bolt have their final moment before the bomb detonated. And as has been said already Vulcan doesn't seem to be able to rebuild himself in an advanced state as he never rebuilt his lost eye. There is also the fact that you must remember Vulcan is, quite literally, crazy. He is delusional, insane and crazed with power. In Vulcan's eyes (eye would probably be more appropriate) he is the strongest, most handsome, most powerful and all round best at everything. That is the sort of person he is. And due to that personality and attitude he cannot admit defeat, hence the 'I'll just keep rebuilding myself!' comment. Physically he cannot rebuild himself as the scene showed with him still being skinless.
Again I'll point out that Black Bolt's voice is one of, if not the, most powerful forces of nature in the Marvel universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy noted their concern that his voice would rip a hole in time and space, it had that potential. I'm fairly sure there was a far older and unrelated strip to War of Kings which showed Black Bolt helping Reed Richards and Tony Stark with an experiment in which he ripped a hole in time and space for them. A lot of people in the Marvel universe fear Black Bolt for the potential destruction he could wreak on them all with his voice. He just so happens to be an intelligent and controlled individual that can keep his self restraint as strong as ever under the most taxing of circumstances or situations. 
The final scene implies strongly that Black Bolt let out an all mighty vocal burst that helped turn a bomb that should have simply been as powerful as say a modern day nuke into something entirely unholy, omnipotent and so forth. So powerful it ripped time and space as we know it.
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i guess your right black bolt could probaly be the most powerful thing alive,but who know i hope neither of them really died,but i know for sure will see them in the who will rule one shot
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No offense,but your starting sound like fanboy.

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no,i just got inot comics like a year ago and when i started reading the vulcan comics and his story started off pretty good...but i think they should of made hima good guy because he would be a really good edition to x-men but its too late for that now,so im starting to like characters like gladiator,blackbolt,and havok,but vulcan is still my favorite villain
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name all the characters you think could defeat black bolt,no restrictions,black bolt going all out with everything his voice etc...and the fighting characters going all out...who do think could beat him.... 
gladiator ?
silver surfer? 
any of these got a chance?if not who does?    

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He has defeated Gladiator (whispered in his ear) before. The Sentry seemed almost afraid of him in Silent War, but the recently empowered Silver Surfer could probably give him a really good fight. Odin-powered Thor would be no slouch either. Black Bolt has one of the best track records however, beating Magneto, Sphinx, Ikarus, The Unspoken, Ronan the Accuser, Apocalypse, Mandarin etc
Characters I see beating Black Bolt definitively:
Living Tribunal
Characters that would make for a great fight
Thor / Beta Ray Bill
Silver Surfer
Ghost Rider (Dr Strange confirms near-limitless power)
Red Hulk (took it to all the Lady Liberators, Hulk, A-Bomb, Thor, Silver Surfer, Terrax, Psycho Man, Namor, Dr Strange)
Vulcan (obviously)
Adam Warlock (nearly fought Vulcan to a standstill)
Nate Grey (the most powerful of his time)
Nova (full Nova Corp power)
Quasar (seemingly indestructible like Stardust)
Darkhawk (revealed to have new special abilities in War of Kings)
Michael Pointer (nearly all mutant powers) 
That's all I can think of for now.

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The thing is, every powerful character has a certain weakness or vulnerability. For example, the Sentry is powerful but schizophrenic. The Hulk is strong but susceptible to mental attacks. Nate Grey was extremely powerful but lost out to Electro because Electro manipulated his brain waves. Apocalypse is very powerful but was powerless at Magneto's manipulation of neurons. 
In this case, Vulcan was a class energy manipulator which allowed him to take on pretty much anyone, including most of the Imperial Guard. His certain weakness was to tank-like characters like Gladiator, who ended up defeating him the first time around.
Black Bolt has only one weakness I can think of, and that's to beings that are not made of electrons - an extremely rare occurance. In "The Last Fantastic Four" story, Black Bolt could not defeat the Adjusticator because he was not a corporeal being, but rather a being made of thoughts (the fact that he could not be affected, but that he could affect everyone else, didn't make sense to me but it is what it is). 
In this regard, it makes sense while Black Bolt comes out on top pretty much every time. He's a tad over-powered, but he doesn't power trip like World War Hulk, which balances things out.

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@Hamz: Just trying to figure out something you mentioned.
Black bolt indeed opened his mouth near the end but while you stated that he was the one who ripped a hole in space and time. My argument would be that he in that panel merely used his voice to set of the detonation. 
I'm not saying that Black bolt can't do that on his own but in this particular case. it was his voice magnified thru Maximus machination. It supercharged his normal voice. 
@emperorvulcan432: I think Sentry could take him I mean Morgan caused him to explode that nothing was left but he survived that as if nothing ever happened. With Sentry however its more depending on which day you catch him. Bob-Sentry will give in before he really puts his best foot foward, Void-Sentry will likely go overboard and then their are if I'm not mistaken God-Sentry (which took on the World War Hulk) and Dark-Sentry who supposedly has Bob-Sentry ways with Void-Sentry power but isn't quiet God-Sentry. Hope that made sence.
Silver Surfer would likely depend on what was going on as in settings for their fight.
Thing with Vulcan that you have to remember is that while he is incredibly powerful and his ability is even more so he doesn't have the training or vast experience. He was aged when he was an infant and most of his training with Xavier which in fact happened in mere hours were but a few brief months before Xavier send them out to die. after which he spend another set of years dormant in space. In other words  were Vulcan able to really not just understand his ability and what all he can actually do thru it coupled with experience he could (should be able to) take down Black Bolt.
As it were he held his own pretty well against Black Bolt especially since that shout should have killed him outright. Keep in mind he ISN'T rebuilding himself even if he says as much because Vulcan's self-delusion as someone else pointed out is very real. He however is sustaining himself (holding himself together if you wish) thru the use of his power and this is why I don't think he is dead. He survived Black Bolt's shout instinctualy much like how Darwin converted himself into energy during the Kroaka incident.  now that he is aware that he can do that he will likely ride out the explosion in the same manner till he can get to a facility and technologicaly restore his body i.e. have a machine rebuild his skin tissue and the like.  
@v2freak: New and improved Darkhawk while impressive is no match for Black Bolt
Adam Warlock was being beaten by Vulcan once Vulcan started to manipulate the energies Warlock was using against him. It was only when Warlock used physical strengh that he bought himself enough time to get out of there and he was visibily drained from his short spat with Vulcan.
Michael Pointer is similar to Vulcan in the sense of that they are both Omega-level mutants thus have incredible amounts of raw power but not experienced enough to be able to take on someone like Black Bolt where finese comes into play as oppose to brute force.
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first of all i think vulcan can take gladiator one vs one because  gladiator could touch vulcan in that fight until after vulcan was weakened mentaly and phyiscally by the imperial guard and than after gladiator set back and watched all of his imperial get defeated he came in when vulcan probaly had no energy left and got a lucky shot. 
 @calix:      ok  i dont know why you think vulcan is holding himself together when i thought that at first until i read the preview for realm of kings and the two writers mentioned that they couldnt say much of vulcan but that hell reappear in realm of king and that his newly found ability that he can "rebuild himself" would come in handy and even at the end of war of kings 6 crystal said vulcan rebuilt himself, so hes not just holding himself together
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@emperorvulcan432: How can he rebuild himself? his secondary mutation? Yeah No!!! He can manipulate all forms energy that's his power. unless he can manipulate lifeforce energy and that would just be absurd especially after Havok scarred his face pretty nasty and delivered a nasty lacerations that had Vulcan wearing armor in his following encounters.... but then again this is still Marvel.....
Gladiator would be able to defeat Vulcan because he doesn't just use just energy blast in his battles. brute strength equals blunt trauma and while Vulcan would really blast Gladiator if Vulcan doesn't rock his confidence that fight will be over and Gladiator will be left standing.
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Vulcan is somewhat like the Sentry in that his state of mind is his biggest weakness. While the Sentry has self-esteem and self-confidence issues due to Schizophrenia, Vulcan has a lot of anger issues. He is always far too quick at boiling over with rage and letting his anger control him which is why his power is somewhat, in my eyes anyway, unrefined and crude in its use. And I doubt that he will ever truly master it due to his angry, hot headed and self delusional personality. Essentially an Anakin Skywalker if you will, he has raw talent but no clue how to use it precisely and likely will never be able too due to his personality and severe lack of patience and self restraint.
Black Bolt's biggest weakness would be his inability to do what Vulcan does best and simply let go with every ounce of his power. There has been many times he could end a conflict or fight by simply using his power to omnipotent levels but the repercussions of doing so seem to be what holds him back. And again I doubt we'll ever see this change because he has spent his entire life training and learning how to keep his voice controlled that I'd imagine he finds it extremely difficult to actually lose control for once. His conscience and fear of what he could do is what holds him back.
Essentially both characters are a mirror image of each other. One is unrestrained while the other is repressed. But ultimately both individuals biggest weakness is there personality, their moral fibre if you will. Brilliant characters both of them!
@Calix: As for The Sentry having a chance at taking Black Bolt, I'd agree he seems like the obvious choice. Although personally I think the "Power of a Million Exploding Suns!" slogan is more of an act of intimidation than an actual plausible fact. He has yet to really show anything that fits such a boast. Taking on the World War Hulk incarnation of the green giant is a triumphant feat indeed, but hardly close to showing off the power of millions of suns going supernova.
As for Gladiator vs Vulcan I'll put my money on Gladiator since not only did he take Vulcan's eye in a previous fight but he has a helluva lot more combat experience under his belt. He is also semi invulnerable unlike Vulcan who has the endurance and speed of an above average human. Gladiator however has some extreme levels of speed and resistance to damage based on his confidence. And I'd assume a second fight against Vulcan would likely only bolster Gladiator's confidence based on the outcome of their previous fight.
Then again perhaps if Vulcan could absorb and manipulate Gladiator's kinetic energy he could cause the Strontian to falter and question himself, thus lose his confidence and provide an opening for Vulcan to take advantage of?

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so who do you guys think will come out on top after realm of of kings,gladiator,vulcan,blackbolt,(thats if they come back),or do u guys think the unspoken will come into realm of kings? 
alright and no think of this combination who would win?and im talking about going all out no restrictions 
1.vulcan vs. black bolt(all out with everything hes got) 
2.black bolt vs. gladiator (both going all out blackbolts all out and gladiator full confidence 
3.vulcan vs. gladiator(gladiator full confidence this time)
#43 Posted by Calix (487 posts) - - Show Bio

 @Hamz:  I like your Anakin analogy I think it rings pretty close to Vulcan in deed in terms of both power, skill, anger issues and predominantly age. Vulcan's temperament would be that of a typical teen.
That's not to say that in time he wont get a better grasp on things. He will need to receive a beat down by a higher powered individual or at least well-skilled  which would force him to reassess his own stance and respect mentioned individual and this individual has to be willing to train him properly.
For Example Vulcan had hit such a juncture back after Gladiator destroyed his eye. had someone else entered his life at that point instead of Deathbird and had the Shi'Ar Secret Order realized exactly who they were toying with things wouldn't have escalated as they had and bite them all in the rear at the end.
Not sure thou what would change in general terms for Gabriel seems to have gone way past the point of redemption or to even straddle that line which kind of sucks as I really like the character and power set.
@emperorvulcan432: Black Bolt
                                        Black Bolt

#44 Edited by v2freak (6 posts) - - Show Bio

I dunno, Calix. The new functions that the Darkhawk armor provides are pretty impressive. Talon or Razor (can't remember who) deflected one of Vulcan's attacks with ease, cut through the Negative Zone like a knife through hot butter, took it to Catastrophus, and as Powell, successfully fended off rage-fueled attacks from Havok and Gladiator.  
Adam Warlock is pretty inexperienced too, if you consider how he was prematurely woken up in Annihilation Conquest. For a first time face-to-face brawl, I wasn't too disappointed with the action.

As for Gladiator, I suspect a lot of writers just love to do with him what they do with the Hulk - cop out like crazy to explain inconsistencies. Just like the Hulk can be incalculably strong, so can Gladiator.  
The Sentry if you think about it, does very little actual fighting. He's usually just a pawn in the overall game where people use him as a threat. He "fought" Wolverine, Terrax and the Punisher but his only real match seemed to be against the Hulk (for what it's worth, I thought World War Hulk was a new level of terrible).

1.) Black Bolt, if fighting is close like in War of Kings 6. I have to say, Vulcan is one tough bird, taking a shot like that to the face when a whisper from Skrull-Bolt sent World War Hulk flying. But if combat is distant, Vulcan will have the advantage, as he'll have time to manipulate the energy. 
2.)  Black Bolt - confidence or no confidence, Gladiator is made of electrons which Black Bolt can readily manipulate 
3.) Gladiator. Vulcan could probably beat 85-95% of the Marvel Universe, but he has real trouble against tanks (see the Scy'Ar story arc in Uncanny X-Men)

#45 Posted by Calix (487 posts) - - Show Bio
@emperorvulcan432: So that whole Vulcan healing himself continue to bug me in the back of my mind. 
Especially since A&L are not like Fraction, i.e. pulling stuff out of his....  in any case I happened to be thinking of the Summer boys - Sinister - Gambit connection when I it struck me that Gambit and Vulcan actually share the exact same power just on very different power levels but its basically the same power. They both can manipulate both internal and external energies.
There is a whole story but suffice to say Gambit has shown to heal himself by stimulating cellular activity. So it stands to reason that if Gambit could have done this then Vulcan definitely should be able to since again they share the same power and Vulcan is far more powerful. it still isn't a healing factor like that of Wolverine but still possible.
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Great series.

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