englentine's War of Kings #3 - The Head That Wears The Crown review

Mirror Mirror

In this issue Vulcan is about to kill Llandra but Gladiator and Ka' ardum talk ulcan out of it. In the mean time Crystal of the Inhumans has discovered that because of the war Black Bolt has not commited to any of the social programs that he had promised the Kree people. 
  This book manages to be exciting at the same time it is telling a darn good story. A story that is written quite maturely. It manages to hold a mirror up to what we are going through in real life. WE ARE AT WAR, no matter who wants to deny it. Yet there are some things to be done here  home to fix certain situations. 
  How the royal family are handeling things may or may not be the way things need to be handled, but it makes for a great story. Once again A solid recommendation.


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