Shouldn't Warmachine be a Marine?

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As a Marine I don't understand why Warmachine would be in the Air Force and not a Marine in the comics.   Just because the suit is capable of flight doesn't mean that the best person for the job would be a pilot.  The suit has more weapons that are used in CQC ( close quarters combat ) and not those used in an actual airborne fire fight.  A Marine would have better training in dealing with these weapons and situations that would need them.  Also Marines have pilots and those pilots go through a more rigorous combat training during their boot camp than does the Air Force.  Its just never really made sense to me that he's an Air Force pilot when being a Marine would make the character and the way that the suit is set up and used more believable. 

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Rhodey wasn't given the suit because he was in the air force, he was given the suit because he was one of Tony's close friends who happen to have been in the Air Force.
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Yeah I never understood that either, in the comics he is a Marine, but for some reason in the movie he is in the Air Force. I would actually like to know what Faverau was thinking.
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War Machine being a pilot in the Air Force makes as much sense as him being in any branch of service. He was a pilot in Vietnam who saved Stark and became his friend. it is only specified in the movies that he is a pilot in the Air Force who is the go between for the AF and Stark.   
Complaining about him not being a Marine is about as sensible as you identifying with Captain America, a WWII Army corporal, instead of The Punisher who is a Vietnam veteran from the Marine Corps.  It is what it is. If you want a cool Marine read DC for some John Stewart appearances.  

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and john stewart doesn't get many dc appearances lol

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