NYCC 2012: Cosplay Mini-Doc

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Cool suit! He's got some heavier bones than Tony though.

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I know i'm considered a nerd by reading comics, even my wife rolls her eyes at me some times but i draw the line at cosplay. Oh and collecting toys.
But more power to you who do these things.

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Weird the first time I played this there wasn't an ad second time there was.

This was interesting. I'm not personally interested in doing cosplay but I find cosplayers interesting. I always think it looks so painful. I also thought this was very professionally shot. I think maybe you should considering expanding this? This has Channel 4 doc all over it.

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"Cool... Cool. Cool. Cool." --Abed

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That suit reminded me of a suit I saw at the London Super Comic Con this year. In both cases, I commend the cosplayers who take their costumes seriously. Though you have to be eccentric to go that far! :P

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Well done sir. If you had hair and you were a little darker you would be rhodes.

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I know he said he loved it but that has to be a pain to wear, sweating constantly, difficult to walk, but he soldiers on for us.

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I would LOVE to costly..but I don't have the much a imagination or engineering in me to do it. But I would like to think I would try to shoot for this level of coolness!

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Those armor suits have got to be the hardest costumes to make. Great job!

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Nice costume. "When your own family that thinks you're weird ... " LMAO!

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His suit looks awesome, but I don't understand why you'd put all that effort into a costume and still leave your chin exposed. That really broke the illusion for me.

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Wow very intricately detailed! Absolutely love it! What a trooper in the way of cosplay!

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This is a true honor . Thank you to Sara and the amazing crew@ ComicVine, for a great video piece.

I love cosplaying Iron Man 2.0 aka War Machine. I try to get it as close to what it looks like from the comic,so not every part will be 100% but close enough .

Thank you guys for ALL the comments and the support, that means I gave you something to talk about!!!

The best is yet to come!!!!

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I appreciate the THOUGHT of cos-play, all of the art, imagination, and creativity that go into it, but I don't think I'd ever participate. It's like adult Halloween or a daytime costume ball and I've never done Halloween costumes and what not. That being said, I respect those, like my man here, who do a realistic job of replicating the character (within their means), not just turn themselves into a parody of the character. It takes drive to do that...especially when people WILL criticize it both outside AND inside of the genre.

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@reecesearch: Thanks for your honest words.

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@TheBestEver: The one thing , I've learned is that it's not going to be exactly from the book, but it's close enough for me. The main thing is I got your attention.

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I have got to learn how to make costumes O_O

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@Xanni15: I really like my armor, it's a lot lighter and it's not hard to walk in. It's very comfortable to wear. Thanks for the support.

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C4 COMIC CON coming up here in winnipeg. Ill be taking pictures and posting some online when I can.

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Now that is impressive.

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I wanna COSPLAY!

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I knew a kid in college who I'm pretty sure made an awesome Iron Man costume out of papier mache. I know he did Master Chief from Halo and it is one of the best cos-play costumes I've ever seen, but I'm 99% sure he did Iron Man, too.

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@Xanni15 said:

I know he said he loved it but that has to be a pain to wear, sweating constantly, difficult to walk, but he soldiers on for us.

So, as a comic fan. I thank him. For being so incredibly awesome.

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Awesome short :)

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