Don Cheadle On 'War Machine' In 'Iron Man' 2

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The actor discusses what it was like playing the role

 It is probably a rather difficult undertaking for any actor who has to replace another in a role in any major motion picture. Such is the case with Don Cheadle who replaced actor Terrence Howard in the upcoming 'Iron Man' 2. This past Thursday Cheadle caught up with Moviefone to discuss what it was like for him to work on the project, which he likened to being a lot like "playing with toys."

"I think the character that I play, my CGI character worked as much as I worked...The stuntman worked as much as I worked. It's a huge undertaking. It was great. It was a really different experience than I have worked on before. Robert [Downey Jr.] is a great guy to work with. Jon Favreau, everybody is quality. It's a lot of fun, the series."

It is only likely that many people may compare Cheadle's interpretation of the 'James Rhodes' character to the last guy that played role, Terrence Howard; and when asked about how he felt taking over the role from his friend, he said he felt like he just needed to make the role his own.

"The sort of ancillary buzz around it was kind of weird, kind of strange. Terrence is a friend of mine. But the actual playing it, I just felt like it was my role. I wasn't made to feel like I had to sort of take care of what was done before. I really feel like I could make it my own."

Are you looking forward to seeing Don Cheadle take over as James "Rhodey" Rhodes in the upcoming 'Iron Man' 2 movie? Do you think he was the right choice for the role? Are you excited about seeing 'War Machine'?
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war machine was always cooler to me than iron man. 

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@Om1kron said:
"war machine was always cooler to me than iron man.  "

Agreed War Machine was cooler then IM IMO because he had all those wrist-mounted turrets, gatling gun mounted on his shoulder, & rocket launcher mount on the other shoulder but I really hope they show that big plasma rifle he used to have in earlier appearances in this movie
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Is that picture above what he really looks like in the film? He looks cool. 
I wish Terrence Howard was still doing the movie.
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@Om1kron: samezies
I always thought his color pallet made him look better, dark and silver,also the shoulder mounted machine gun didn't hurt.
War Machine-built for combat
Iron Man-general purpose or multiple armors to facilitate each purpose independently
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his insane coolness factor over Iron Man is described even in his name: War Machine

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don cheadle fits war machine way better than terrence howard
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no sir just type in War Machine & click on his pic galley it shows him firing his weapons in a wooded area
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I like war machine but i know little about him and i dont really want to go back and read all the past comics of war machine so i havent found a good pick up point
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I still feel like Don shouldnt be Rhodey... it should still be Terrence Howard
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i agree i think he was a good version of rhodey
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Honestly I don't think Howard or Cheadle are man enough to be war machine, , But I haven't seen Cheadle as this character yet so i can't really say until I see Iron Man 2

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@Tyler Starke said:
" Honestly I don't think Howard or Cheadle are man enough to be war machine, , But I haven't seen Cheadle as this character yet so i can't really say until I see Iron Man 2 "

how was Howard not man enough to play Rhodey ? you trying to say Terrence Howard putts in the rough ?


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@Tyler Starke:
Yeah, they're probably not man enough. Oh well, it'll still be cool to see.
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always looking forward for Cheadle in anything, Howard got the shaft tho.  He did a great job, Howard is great in everything too.
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Coolios, can't wait to see the second film.

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I personally cant wait to see Cheadle as Rhody

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Cheadle fits the role just fine.

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Don is such a better actor in every way. Also much more believable as WM to someone like me who has been a fan for 20 years.

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Why not a man everyone can agree on who everyone loves equally Denzel Washigton or Will Smith lol JUST KIDDING
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I thought Terrance Howard would have done a good job in the first one before I saw it, but when I saw him play James Rhodes I was like eeeeh.... This guy doesn't really fit the part for War Machine. And now that Don Cheadle is playing this character I hope he brings more life to it than Terrance did. Also Don Cheadles from Kansas City so.. REPRESENT!!!!!

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Well..I don't mean to be a 'downer' but I kinda had my hopes of having Will Smith be WM all along. But than again he might of been too over-the-top. Cheadle is a good choice though. 

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@Archetype: However I must say that I find Tony to be way more interesting than Rhodey.
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Can't freakin' wait for this movie...
#25 Posted by grimreaper1980 (606 posts) - - Show Bio

can you say intimidating

#26 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29515 posts) - - Show Bio

I couldn't care less about who's in the armor.

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