A Real-Life War Machine?

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War Machine enjoys a reflective moment in the pasture.

You guys might remember that article we ran a couple weeks ago about a “real life Iron Man” - - a Canadian inventor who created an armor to fight a grizzly bear one-on-one. If there’s a “real life” Iron Man, it only figures that there’d be a “real life” War Machine, right? Popular Science just recently ran an article about Anthony Le, a fitness consultant who channeled his inner “Rhodey” Rhodes and built the suit you see to the right.

How long did it take him to build this thing? One month.

How much did it cost? Four grand.

That’s right. Le says he spent four thousand on this dent-proof creation that has a working retractable faceplate on its helmet, LED's for its eyes and core and a motorized “gattling gun." Judging by the talkbacks , there seems to be some controversy about the suit’s creation. I couldn’t care less about the “how’s” - - I’m just looking at the result and it really is an impressive creation. He’s apparently also made similar suits for Iron Man’s Mark III and suit-case armors.

You know, there are a lot of fans who poo poo cosplayers - - they roll their eyes and wish they’d go away from conventions. I really don’t get where that kind of sentiment comes from, myself.  While I don’t think I’d ever make or wear a costume, I certainly enjoy and appreciate seeing such displays of creativity and craft (and I don’t think artistic pursuits should ever be discouraged.) On an even more basic level, being surrounded by all these larger-than-life characters is part of what really makes a con more of an experience, for me. It’s like stepping into another world.  That’s why anybody reads comics in the first place, isn’t it?

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I saw this dude on youtube a while ago

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look s kind of fake a like like carboard box
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that looks pretty cool.
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How much do you think he would rent it to for the Comic Con Masquerade Ball?

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Hey now it looks really good and is functioning.

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That's lot of cash to spend for an outfit. Looks cool though.

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look all digitally animated to me

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I don't mind all cosplayers, just the ones that don't put much effort out side of putting on make-up (poorly) and going to the thrift store for a costume.
This is one of those awesome costumes you don't see often at cons.

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Man thats really good. I never thought anyone would be able to top this guy here:  

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Oh, I posted a topic about this guy in the Iron Man forum. :]

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Pretty cool.
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@GT-Man said:
" look s kind of fake a like like carboard box "
what exactly?
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we need him to go overseas and handle Osama Bin Laden and the Sand Boyz for us...  
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@lastdrag0n89:  It's the same guy, dude. Plenty around the internet and cosplay forums about the dude... He's not very well liked, that's for sure.
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your kidding right it looks SO carbord or somethign liek that
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He also built an Iron Man suit.
My brother gets popular science and I saw this, and it said he can turn the chain gun thats on his shoulder, into a paintball gun.

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I live in Colorado, and I've been to a number of the local conventions over the last few years.... Le has been at all of them and the armors are really something you have to see in person! I mean the detail is just AMAZING!!

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@The Jeff said:
" I saw this dude on youtube a while ago "
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@lastdrag0n89: where did you get get this picture? Cause I think it may be the same guy!
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reminds me of that armor Homer built to fight against the bear in Season 15

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@DEGRAAF said:
"look all digitally animated to me "

Yeah I thought so as well
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It is the same guy who did the suit, he updated it when he saw the final look for War Machine.
Jon Favreau even posted links to him on Twitter.
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good stuff I like it :)
Hope I see stuff like this when I hit comic con later this year  x0

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Very cool. Makes me want to finally go to a convention.

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@King Saturn said:
" we need him to go overseas and handle Osama Bin Laden and the Sand Boyz for us...  
Isn't that kinda what War Machine is used for in the comics?

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