Is it possible for me to like Wanted?

#1 Posted by redhood21 (833 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't seen the movie and have heard very mixed reviews about the comic. My one friend says its pure awsome and its like if Red Hood was more evil while my other bud says its pure shock val and the main character is a low life rapist. I really do hate rapists : ( What do you guys think about this series? Good reads or shock factor?

#2 Posted by The_Tree (8402 posts) - - Show Bio

I wouldn't say to expect a literary masterpiece, but I did find it to be a fun and entertaining read.

#3 Posted by joshmightbe (25858 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the movie you just have to forget its based on the comic cause it has almost nothing in common with it

#4 Posted by x_29 (2375 posts) - - Show Bio

no. watch the film instead

#5 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (39008 posts) - - Show Bio
@redhood21: read the book forget the film
#6 Posted by Ms. Omega (4666 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved the comic the movie............not so much......

#7 Posted by Daycrawler (554 posts) - - Show Bio

Have a movie/book mash-up. Watch the first half of the film, then read the second half of the film.

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