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Kenneth Weismeyer was away getting pizza when the ax-cell-erator exploded giving all the other teammates their powers. He uses gadgets that rarely work and his meager intellect to get by. Wannabe has always had a great love for comics and after the discovery of his friends empowerment and a little  encouragement from Dr. Tomlinson he urged them to form a superhero team. After a period of time and a great deal put downs and sacarsm based his idea, he became the leader of the team. 
During a battle with super enhanced opponents one of the team is injured and the team disbands. Lonely and feeling the biting pain of failure Kenneth turns to Dr. Tomlinson, who promises him powers for his cooperation. In turn he betrays the team but eventually returns to fight by their side in order stop Tomlinson's plan to destroy a huge hydroelectric dam.

After his experieces leading up to and the final battle in which the Freshmen defeated  Dr. Tomlinson of Kenneth has showed great prowess and strength in leading the team. Even his gadgets begin to make a difference as his confidence grows.

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