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Wandjina came from the planet Angor, in an other dimension. Along with Blue Jay and the Silver Sorceress they called themselves the Champions of Angor.They first encounter the League when aliens robots attacked their world and they went to the source of the attack, where they found the leaguers. After a brief misunderstanding, Leaguers and Champions leave as friends.

JLI era

Post crisis, the original tale was altered: the Champions went searching help for stop the Extremists, but things don't went smoothly as they wished. When Wandjina and his friends returned, the world was a wasteland. Then these heroes came to Earth to try to warn the human race about the dangers of Nuclear weapons. Sadly they are tricked by Colonel Rumaan to fight the Justice League. Upon learning they are working for the wrong side Wandjina sacrifices himself to stop a nuclear reaction that would kill millions. He is alive but badly wounded.


When Wandjina first appeared he was the leader of the Champions of Argor. He truly was a hero who believed in his cause and might have been a bit too trusting. Then after he sacrificed himself in Russia to save millions he came back as a mind controlled killing machine. Then he died.

Years later with the Countdown Presents Lord Havok, much like the rest of the characters from Argor he was now part of Earth-8. He was still a leader and a hero but now he was grittier and darker much like the the rest of Earth-8.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League: A New Beginning

The introduction of Wandjina and his origin.

Justice League International: Only the Dead Know Bialya!

With the help of Queen Bee and Jack-o-Lantern, Colonel Rumaan has repaired most of the damage from the nuclear radiation to Wandjina. But unknown to Rumaan, Queen Bee has brainwashed Wandjina to do her binding and hers alone. So while on stage, as Rumaan turns his back on Wandjina, the former hero melts the Colonels head for all to see.

Then Later while Queen Bee brainwashes the dignitaries she has imprisoned, Wandjina acts as her personal attack dog. He is the one that finds Batman, Fire, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle trying to escape. Beetle tries to reason with his former friend but Queen Bee's brainwash is too deep and Wandjina almost melts Ted's head. Luckily Captain Atom shows up just in time and destroys Wandjina for good.


The earth-8 Wandjina had several differences with the previous incarnation: outside the cosmetical changes, he had a not-so-secret alter ego (dr. Leonart Grant, colleague to Gorgon) and was a closet gay. He was killed by Gorgon.


Wandjina made an "unofficial" appearance in the last chapter of Avengers forever as an Avenger of an alternate timeline, in the middle of a battle royale between evil and heroic Avengers. He was punched by an one-eyed Hercules.

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