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Muscle man (literally) for the crime lord known as Rapaz. He is silent and loyal to his boss. He is first introduced holding down a drug addict who squealed on Rapaz to Lt. Kellaway. Later, Walter intervenes when a man pulls a gun on Rapaz. However, the man reveals himself to be Lt. Kellaway as The Mask (or Big Head as the comics called him.) Walter engaged Big Head in combat, causing the living cartoon character to feel pain for the first time. However, Big Head was able to supposedly kill Walter by sticking electrical circuits from a broken lamp post into his mouth.

However, it is later revealed that Walter is alive and well. He attacked and killed another crime boss who had put a contract out on Walter on the belief that Walter had betrayed them. After killing the mobster, Walter allowed himself to be arrested. He was eventually released thanks to corrupt District Attorney, Steve Lister.

Walter has come to clash with several wearers of The Mask and still manages to remain standing. This alone makes him a deadly force. One time, Walter himself got The Mask, but it wasn't able to fit his head.

Powers & Abilities

Walter has no actual super powers. However, he doesn't really need any. His massive size and endurance makes him virtually indestructible. He has been shot, beaten, electrocuted, and possibly anything else in the book. Yet he still stands. Not only that, but his colossal strength is one of the few things that can actually cause pain to whoever wears The Mask. This makes Walter one of the few remaining foes of Big Head.

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