Original Walter Simonson Thor & Loki Art Donated For Auction

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Walter Simonson's work on Thor in the 80s was phenomenal.  You can't (or shouldn't) think about Thor's evolution without thinking about Simonson.  After Mike Wierningo passed away, Simonson donated a couple pieces to be auctioned in his memory.  Those two pieces were won by Nick Barrucci, the President of Dynamite Entertainment.  Barrucci is now donating them to the Saved Whiskers Rescue Orgainization, Inc. (S.W.R.O.).  Both pieces are being auctioned on ebay until May 21.

Todd Dezago, one of Mike's best friends and collaborators had this to say:
One of the great blessings that I've had in this life, is to have been great friends with Mike Wieringo. Not only friends, but collaborators as well, working on such characters as Spider-Man, Batman, the X-Men, and together creating the high-adventure, fantasy epic, Tellos. In bringing such stories--and worlds--to life, Mike used his unique style to illustrate worlds we WISHED we lived in.

Sadly, Mike was taken from us all too soon, suffering a sudden heart failure almost two years ago now.

Aside from getting to work with such colorful characters, Mike and I were also thrilled to meet and befriend one of our heroes, comics legend, Walter Simonson. Walt was one of the first to call me in shock and sadness upon hearing of Mike's death and was the first to offer his services (and talent) when Marvel Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, and Dynamic Forces Head Honcho, Nick Barrucci, organized a tribute to Mike; an evening to honor him and to raise money for Mike's most passionate concerns, the ASPCA.

Mike loved animals, adored them, and it is only fitting that these two pieces, so generously drawn and donated by Walt, should go to raise both funds and awareness for our wonderful four-legged friends.
The Thor piece can be bid on HERE.

The Loki piece can be bid on HERE.

If the price is too much for you on those but you still would like to help out the cause, you can donate any amount directly to Saved Whiskers HERE.
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Sweet looking art!

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This deserves a BUMP!  I'd have bid just to up the price, but they don't ship outside the US...

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