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The former CEO of Damage Control. He was the one who sold Nitro the MGH he was hopped up on when he exploded in Stamford, thus igniting Marvel's Civil War.

He was presumed deceased after a battle with Wolverine (who stabbed him through the eyes).

Walter Declun returns

In Amazing Spider-Man Annual, Walter Declun appears alive and well. He denied dying (saying that his presence was proof). He claims that his 'battle' with Wolverine left him requiring extensive reconstructive surgery, including cybernetic eye implants in both eyes.

Declun had been expanding his corporate empire in media, developing, and technological endeavors, but was corrupt and using unethical means. A scientist named Nick Chernin working for him developed a neurotoxin that caused temporary blindness. Declun (who had begun using the name Mogul in his criminal enterprises) made a deal with him where Chernin would be paid to steel cash that would go to Declun. Chernin did so as the super-villain Blindside, using the neurotoxin, called the Oedipus Toxin. Chernin was able to give the toxin by touch when in a specially-built costume. Eventually, Blindside was arrested. Spider-Man knew Declun was involved, but could not prove anything.

He currently is Doctor Doom's chief of operations & is assisting him in going to war with The Black Panther & in stealing Wakanda Vibranium in Doomwar.

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