kfhrfdu_89_76k's Walt Disney's Donald Duck #1 - Lost in the Andes review

You need to read this.

This first Fantagraphics collection has such classics as Lost in the Andes (has square eggs), Race to the south seas (Donald and his nephews race against Gladstone Gander) and Voodoo Hoodoo (the zombie-story). There`s also many others that are not so well known, but are still equally great.

I am biased here, since I grew up with the awe-inspiring stories of Carl Barks, but that`s merely a part of the reason why I love these/like these so much. I mean, you simply need to read this. To buy this. Because honestly...93 % of all Disney Duck-stories (for decades now) have been based on his stories, in some way or other. SERIOUSLY. THOUSANDS of pages. During about 50 years. Of course, most of those comics are pale copies (if you ask me, and many others, that is). But this true masters true classics still hold out.

The stories are pure, inventive fun. There`s hidden meanings in the stories. The coloring is bright (sometimes too much so) and good looking. The plots are straightforward, pure American action-humor stories that still feel different. Imagination reigns free, even when the stories feel realistic. They poke fun at society. Different dialects are used extensively (the stories sure have a different feel to `em, when they haven`t been translated). Main characters are multi faceted. Others aren`t, but are still great. Art is...Well, I need another column for that.

It`s the work of a master, who knows how the characters should move, who uses just the right amount of space for the drawings, has a clear style that`s not super-detailed (that can be very tiring for the reader), who insert funny little details everywhere...You know, why don`t you look for yourself.

The first and third one are from the book.

The paper stock is of the quality that these yarns deserve. It`s a hardcover. It`s of big enough size (A4-papers, the most usual size for papers). There`s alot of fascinating texts about Barks`s stories, and what they are about. Plus, a short story of his life, that sums it up.

Did my awful review make you decide to do the right thing, and read this? If so...I`ve done my job, and can now go to do other things. Bye.

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I definitely love all the stories collected here (there are a few I have not yet read, but I know I love the other ones and you really can't go wrong Carl Barks)

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Oh goodie. I thought you hadn`t read that many o` them. I guess I keep underestimating others. My one weakness...besides invisible Kryptonite, of course.

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I cannot wait for the most opportune time to use this panel:

Actually, I can think of the perfect time right now...

(cool review -- seriously).

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Promise you`ll read this eventually? = )

I`ve written better ones.

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I know, kinda needless a question. But, I always have to make sure.

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