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 Hubert Carpenter is granted super strength through his uncle's experiment.
Hubert Carpenter has been a guinea pig for his Uncle Humbert's experiments for a number of years that have been quite unsuccessful. Uncle Humbert's experiments have been taking place at the basement of the Home Economics building at Brooklyn University for 10 years with little success. Uncle Humbert's grants have been denied and can only get a job as a janitor so he wanted to have a successful experiment that would grant Hubert power and for the university to give him tenure. Hubert was given superhuman strength and durability when his Uncle Humbert's Omicron-Ray Generator proved successful. His Uncle Humbert wanted a field test for his experiment and told his nephew to challenge the Beast who was going to be a speaker at a lecture hall in Brooklyn University.

Hubert was excited to have his new powers and became the goofy menace known as the Walrus. He wanted to be the best mass destructionist in the world and started off by causing havoc at a Kwikkee Burger joint. His Uncle Humbert told the Walrus to head his way to Brooklyn University and destroy the world-famous Beast in combat. He wanted the Walrus to prove that he was the greatest product of modern science and the both of them would be famous. Meanwhile the Beast's lecture was interrupted by a super hero wannabe, the bumbling Frog Man. Angel and Iceman came to Beast's side after the interruption and asked what Frog Man wanted. Frog Man told them he wasn't there to cause any trouble but wanted to join the Defenders

 Walrus vs the Defenders.
The Walrus finally appeared during that whole fiasco at the lecture hall and challenged the Beast. He was surprised that the Beast was not alone and asked his uncle what to do. His uncle told him it was four for the price of one and it would be the Carson Show for sure if he defeated all four heroes. The Walrus engaged the Defenders in combat and was able to take all three down when he struck them down with a tree. Walrus began to gloat and tell everyone around him that he was the greatest super-villain alive for beating the Defenders. Walrus started to feel weak and dizzy after the fight with the Defenders when he was engaged by the fabulous Frog Man. The Walrus was feeling weak because the Omicron Rays were wearing off. Frog Man kicked the Walrus but was smacked away. Frog Man realized how strong the Walrus was and was hesitant to attack until the Walrus just collapsed. The Omicron Rays were only temporary at the time and the Walrus was defeated.  


Walrus was created by J.M. DeMatteis, Peter Gillis and Alan Kupperberg in 1984 and first appeared in The Defenders # 131.

Story Arcs

The Walrus would later team up with White Rabbit and form the Terrible Two. Their goal was to take out the Frog Man for humiliating both of them in the past. This led to a confrontation with Spider Man and both of them were easily defeated.     
  • Daughters of the Dragon
Humbug would communicate with his insects as they try to gather any information on the location of an auction to take place where  Ricadonna is selling an important chip. Walrus and Mister Fish are seen at a strip club giving some cash to an obese stripper named Candy who was studying to become an astronaut. 

Powers and Abilities

Hubert was granted superhuman strength and durability from the Omicron Rays.    

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