The Flash

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The flash is my second fav character and therefore i like to think what would happen when (yes, when, not if, i have hope) i have his powers.

And that is when my mind hurts.

If i have the power to control velocity, my own and of others it gives me so much possibilities that i could pretty much do anything. Velocity is a physic property, it is simply HUGE. But that everyone knows...

What we all pretty much don´t know is how hard it must be to write in english being brazilian an flash story. He can move at ANY speed, he can be "there" and talk to you at the same time, and it is pretty much not important where "there" is.

How do you, as an writer, put a challenge to someone like this? Even superman has an vulnerability, but the flash, is conceptually unbeatable. If you put a villian that is not as fast as he is, he will be in jail in a blink.

Natural disasters? It is an earthquake? No? Easy...

What i see the writers do, is tonne up/down his powers to fit the story arc, what is comprehensible, but sad..

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I think it's when writers can take a God-like character and find flaws to challenge them that the character becomes more interesting. Being unbeatable isn't interesting to read about. I like the Flash & I like the way he's always a more 'human' (and therefore associatable) character despite his amazing powers.

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Agree in that.

The flash is human, "despite his amazing power", but even so everything we could imaging for character like him have to be put off chart to even make sense.

He is so fast, that if he was not the icon of justice he is, he could rob 1 penny from every american and he would be rich and nobody would know or even care! To write a associatable story for someone like this? He, essentially, cannot have "normal human problems" at all, money, hunger, cold or anyother are like social problems to him and are only limited by his strength of character and morals...

"I can be rich...but i wont"

"i can be a God...but i wont"

"i can save every single person on earth if i live for that, but i choose to live my own life"

"is this fair?"

This questions are a constant to someone like him. "I can, but i wont"...

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Hence why he is nowhere too be found at this current moment In time

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This is why 'unbeatable' characters have distractions, such as families, or their jobs, or potential weaknesses.

The Flash has (had) The Reverse Flash.

Besides, something about these unbeatable characters, they have emotional twists.

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The idea of the flash is that he may be fast, but he can be outsmarted. He can run through time, yet it means nothing if he cant put that speed to proper use

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@Superguy0009e said:

The idea of the flash is that he may be fast, but he can be outsmarted. He can run through time, yet it means nothing if he cant put that speed to proper use

i fail to see how the best speedster on earth (dc) cannot put proper use to his speed. au conntrarie he can do pretty much anything with that speed. And if you were an writer and want to make an mind challenge instead of a physical one you still have to keep account that he can adapt in the space between milliseconds...

An exemple of something odd was the flash against deathstroke in the identity crisis story arc, because he may be fast, but he is not think-in-lightingspeed-move-faster-than-light fast.

And the writer inevitably makes a lot of logical mistakes to keep track of the flash. In the same issue, the flash was fast enough see the explosions, not get hit by any of them, get around the building and even so, was unable to see the sword up. If the flash do that type of mistake in a daily basis, he would be dead already by hiting any of the various sharp items commonly present in the streets of any city.

He is an very hard char to write about

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Did you know that the picture above is of Barry Allen and not wally west?

#8 Posted by Rasarima (408 posts) - - Show Bio

Barry? Really?

But he says "New costume" it is Bart or Wally....are you sure he is Barry?

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@Rasarima: I'm pretty sure it's Barry dude.

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wait....Let get this rigth. The first picture? I didn't ´t payed that attention...Its Barry indeed

The second one with Deathstroke? Wally.....

#11 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rasarima: The 1st pic is Barry, the 2nd pic is Wally...

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