Iris and Jai West

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Can somebody fill me in on what's going on here. I know Iris took all of the Speed Force from Jai so that he wouldn't be in pain, which resulted in her having speed and him becoming normal.....? But what happens with Jai? Because in the latest Flash Rebirth issue someone said that Thorn said that one of his children would be his downfall and then at the end while all the speedsters are on a float at a parade you can see Jai on the sidelines and he looks...well pissed is an understatement. Does anyone have the scans for this cuz i am beyond confused. From what i can tell Jai is gonna end up being like Zoom or Kid Zoom or just evil in general and my guess is he will have a suit that gives him powers. 

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I hope that  Jai gets his powers back.

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I think he'll end up getting different powers, something non-Speed Force related. But resent his father and sister for their speed.

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