Flash Saves Little Boy In Real Life

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This is a couple of weeks old by now.  It's been ReTweeted into my Twitter feed, and the story is so sweet that I just had to share it with everyone.   
A little boy was separated from his father at a comic con (before SDCC 2011).  Reacting as all little kids do in this situation, he freaked out & burst into tears.  The little lost soul chilled out & calmed down upon seeing his favourite superhero, The Flash!  It seems that he ran up to the DC speedster (and beautiful Justice League colleague Wonder Woman) because he recognised the hero.  
Any jaded 'grown ups' will just see a couple of geeks in costumes.  Personally, I see two really nice cosplayers living up to their chosen roles by helping a little boy.  But in the eyes of this little boy he was saved by real super heroes.  You don't get much sweeter than that!  Kudos to the anonymous Flash & Wonder Woman!    
I can't help but wonder what the guys from the Big Bang Theory would have done if it was them.  Dr Sheldon Cooper-Flash, to the rescue?

Real Life Super Heroes
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I've seen this months ago on Tumblr but it's amazingly sweet <3

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Oh my goodness. Cutest thing ever. 

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awwwwww that's nice. Their costumes are awesome.

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What can't The Flash do?

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aww lol

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This article made me smile so much. Thanks for sharing, Kitty. :)

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Thats a cute story. 

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That's pretty awesome, and they said comics corrupted kids...

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Daawwwww. That's so awesomely adorable. <3

Way to go Flash and Wonder Woman.

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Cute. lol. Nicely done. 
Personally I'd have chosen to go to the Wonder Woman :P
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really cool story! Thanks for lets us know about this! Very uplifting!

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Aww how sweet!
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It just goes to show that we have heroes in our real world as well.  They might not save the world, but every little bit helps.
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that's so awesome!  Way to go Flash!!!!

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That's such a wonderful sto-wie!

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Good work by the cos-players, and a cool story

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Aww That's so nice!! Kudos to the cos-players.

#18 Posted by gambitpryde1993 (175 posts) - - Show Bio

so sweet <3

#19 Posted by CellphoneGirl (19002 posts) - - Show Bio

That is so adorable <3

#20 Posted by Sylver (1583 posts) - - Show Bio

That is so cool!  A good arguement against anyone who says comics are just for entertainment :-) Hardly! they inspire too! 
(and on a side note, that lady makes a really epic hot WW. Most ppl can't pull it off)
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Made me shed a tear.

#22 Posted by War Killer (20938 posts) - - Show Bio

That is the coolest thing ever, I love stories like these. ^_^

#23 Posted by CurbsideProphet (1909 posts) - - Show Bio

That is one of the most beautifulest things ever.

#24 Posted by Billy Batson (59330 posts) - - Show Bio

DC 1 Marvel 0 :p


#25 Posted by DEGRAAF (8344 posts) - - Show Bio

that is pretty cool if i was the cosplayers or the parent i would have a smile on my face for the rest of the week and would ask (if i was the father) to get a picture of my kid with those two.
#26 Posted by Clara Mass (8367 posts) - - Show Bio

Awww thats adorable!

#27 Posted by spider-man 2996 (726 posts) - - Show Bio

Such good story. It made my day!!
#28 Posted by AssertingValor (7022 posts) - - Show Bio

i want WW to save me...

#29 Posted by Izaiah (5693 posts) - - Show Bio

D'aww, that's cute xD

#30 Posted by DoomDoomDoom (4286 posts) - - Show Bio

That is adorable.
I wonder how quickly the flash found his parents.

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This is adorable and defines the real life meaning of super hero.

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so freaking cool, and some great looking cosplayers!

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I read this. And then, I was all like, "awwwwwww". And still kinda am. I wanna get rescued by Flash... stupid adult-ness.

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What great people. That kid is going to remember this moment for years to come!

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O.O I betcha this would've been a completely different article had the boy found Darksied instead.

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I think a similar event happened in brazil where a kid wearing a spider-man shirt was walking down a street and saw a women outside of her house because it was on fire and her baby was still in there.The boy then ran up to the woman and said "Don't worry Mam,I'm spider-man and I'm going to save your baby!".He then ran into the flaming house and actually rescued the baby.

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: Are you serious? The lost boy think at the comic con was sweet, but that kid with Spider-Man's shirt... it's a real hero we're talking about.

It's not normal to do what he did, it takes a lot of courage...

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that's a really nice story, I really like that,

Also wasn't there a story a few months ago in which a boy saved his entire class from being driven off of a bridge because he did something he saw in a comic book?

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@danhimself said:

that's so awesome! Way to go Flash!!!!

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