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Flash's top speeds

Speed of thought+running speed.

500,000 people @ chongjin Base a longtime military target

Distance to safe point 35mi (round trip 70 mi)

Carries 1 sometimes 2 people at a time.

Total time per person 2^-11or .000000000001 per person required to run 70 miles.

Movement speed Approaching light speed.

Comparison: wally vs human

person top running speed 27.45 mph (.0007265 mps) so slow :(

light speed (299792458 mps)

Wally is 412559642100 times faster than a human

His is also moving at the speed of thought as he has to pick up people and move them safety to the other side of the river requiring concentration levels of 4-5 on the standard 1-7 MUCC

MUCC concentration level used while studying 5-6 1/6th is 1.6666667 appx or 16.667 % leaving 83.3333


343799564100 times faster than human though

1 Flash hour is 343799564100 times more productive than a human hour (Potentially produced work)

6,912 languages on earth x2000 hours Time takes to master a new language (approx) 138224000 hours to master all 1Fh=343799564100-138224000=343661340100


129,864,880 (books in world) avg book length 100,000 words (250 to 300) words per minute flash 275x343799564100=9.454488e+13 (Flashes PAGES Per minute)

1,2986488e+13 pages in all books

⇒Flash could Read every book, study every language watch ever movie on par FF speed in less than 1 hour!





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Cool thread! Enjoyed it.

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@GodDamnIronMan: Thanks!

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@darkelf35: Well done, but where is the battle part? :p

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People always under or overestimate speed becuase they dont know how fast wally can move and think. i think its very pertinent.

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@darkelf35: Good idea. Idk if this is the relevant section. You get a follow for doing your homework though.

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@PrinceAragorn1: thanks!

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