Can Flash knock Superman out?

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Could Flash possibly one-shot Supes if he went all out? Cus I dunno man, Superman's durability is tremendous and it has saved him a lot of times. But Flash seems to be able to punch harder than even someone as mighty as Abomination (Abomination can punch with the same force as 500 pounds of TNT, and Flash can punch with the force of a white dwarf star).

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It depends, really. Flash fans will tell you that if he uses his IMP then he'll do this, do that, blah blah blah. If you argue they'll use the speed x blah blah blah x Acceleration x blah blah blah = sextinilonquintillionzillionbillion tons of blah blah blah.

To answer your question, yes, depending on the circumstance.

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There was a similar thread just a few days ago.

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depends on how bad the writting is.

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I can't see it happening.

Athlete: able to lift one's own body weight up to double one's own body weight:

  1. Flash (Jay Garrick)
  2. Flash (Bart Allen)
  3. Flash (Barry Allen)

Strenght Scale

Peak Human: able to lift double one's own body weight up to the 800 lb level

Note: The weight of 800 lbs is the greatest amount of weight a human can lift, within the DC Universe, without being considered superhuman.

Flash (Wally West) (Can lift several times his own weight.)

Superhuman: Class 100+ ;Potentially incalculable (able to lift far in excess of 100 tons)


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Infinite Mass Punch

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Not if Supes uses freeze breathe on Flash's feet =\

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@jmg: I dont think freeze breath would work captain cold cant manange it and his weapons a hell of alot colder than supermans breath.. perhaps his stinky breath can disorintate flash at best

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how come the infinite mass punch doesn't just crush Flash's entire arm on impact?

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