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Walter is a writer for romance novels under the false name of Sabrina Bentley. He has the ability to transform into a large, blue creature with incredible amount of strength and invulnerability. He can function as normal in this state. He has been shown to loose his temper and accidently transform into the creature. The bigger he gets the more his hair turn into flames. When he turns back human it takes awhile and might not be 100% human. Such as when he turned human and his feet were still big and blue. Walter is over 200 years old. He was in World War 1 and 2. In 1944 is army group was attacked by a giant robot. Captain America, Namor and Human Torch came only to be knocked out. This is when he transformed for the first time. He destroyed the robot with ease saying the metal was like putty in his hands. He is the legal guardian of Rory and Pandora. He has fights with Cuckoo for only giving the children what they want but not what they need. The fights usually get physical.

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