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Plot Summary

6 years prior to the present, Kraken, one of Baron von Strucker's right hand men in HYDRA, goes to Kobe to meet a young Gorgon and give him a powerful sword called Godkiller. Next, at an undersea HYDRA base called The Hive, he supervises as a young man is transformed into ' The Hive' by genetically altered parasites. 5 years before the present, he reveals to Strucker on Hydra Island that he is dying. 2 years before the present, a sick and dying Kraken (actually Daniel Whitehall), is confronted and killed by Jake Fury.
In Japan at the Clan Yashida household, Leviathan agents attack Silver Samurai, in search of 'the box.' They next attack the HYDRA shipyard base 'Nemesis' where they encounter The Gorgon and kidnap Viper, again hoping to obtain the box. They bring her to their base 'The Long Winter.' At the HYDRA base Gehenna, Strucker and Kraken suspect there is a traitor in their midst and order psi-scans of everyone in their organization, but Madame Hydra (actually the Contessa) leaves before she can be probed. 15 years ago in Rome, The Contessa had witnessed as her two parents (Russian spies) had been killed in an explosion. She was recruited by the Russians two days later, just before Dum Dum Dugan asked her to join SHIELD. The Contessa has the box that Leviathan wants. She brings it to them and kills Viper. Using the alien power source inside the box, Leviathan bring Orion (Viktor Uvarov) back to life from suspended animation. When HYDRA arrive on the scene later, they find only Viper's dead body, which is revived by The Hive and turned into a new Madame Hydra. Orion has left them a message suggesting a meeting at 'The Crown' HYDRA base. At the meeting, Orion suggests a subservient role for HYDRA, underneath their control, which obviously doesn't go down well.
Meanwhile, YoYo and Stonewall travel together to meet their parents. YoYo meets hers in Puerto Rico, and Stonewall meets his father Crusher Creel in a prison in Southern Florida. Daisy Johnson, field leader of the Secret Warriors, is brought by Nick Fury to meet his other secret teams: the Black Team led by Alexander Pierce, set to engage HYDRA, and the Gray Team, led by Nick's son Mikel, set to engage Leviathan.
Nick then goes to meet the Contessa for dinner and challenges her over her stated lack of a philosophy in the midst of a stand off between her agents and his. Although she doesn't say it, he knows she's working against him. Hurt, he returns to base and angrily tells Daisy there are no happy endings. She responds by going to JT James ( Hellfire) and kissing him passionately. Secretly, later Hellfire is met by Baron von Strucker, who tracked him down by the money he took from the bank heist. Hellfire agrees to betray Nick in return for keeping Daisy safe from harm.

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