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The military force of Wakanda has been a loyal army to their leader and commander the Black Panther. They often intergrate their military tactics with traditional and high-tech weaponry. The soldiers are heavily skilled and highly capable combatents. In corrospondance with their cultural identity, the soldiers are apparently free to dress in either traditional attire or high-tech. They use guns, sword, and any other weapon their nation has at its disposal. Part of their ferocity stems from their national pride as Wakandans.


Amongst their ranks are several special categories


Dora Milaje - The personal guards and possible wife of the Black Panther. Picked from neighboring tribes to insure local peace, these women are heavily trained warriors. Their name translates to mean "Adored Ones". They often use swords, spears, or a staff, but have also been seen using firearms. Appearance wise they usually sport a shaved look accompanied with traditional tattooes, but have been seen with small braids or even straightened hair under infultration circumstances. During the Doom War, the Black Panther Shuri outfitted a unit of Dora Milaje with vibranium suits and advanced equipment. 

Dora Milaje (Adored Ones)



Hatut Zeraze - A disbanded espionage unit once used to handle secret and rather brutal operations. Led by the White Wolf 


P.R.I.D.E. - Princess Regent Intelligence Division Executives    


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