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Blackie Drago was the cellmate of the original Vulture, Adrian Toomes. Blackie arranged an accident that weakened Toomes. When Toomes thought he was dying, he revealed the location of his wings to Blackie, who then managed to escape and obtain the wings. Blackie then went on a crime spree, before being attacked by Spider-Man. Blackie managed to defeat Spider-Man, since he had a bad cold, but was then attacked by Kraven the Hunter, who had beaten Spider-Man earlier and wanted the credit. The two fought for a while before Spider-Man found them and fought both of them, now completely cured of his cold. Spider-Man tricked Kraven into shooting Blackie with a ray that slowed down his muscles.

Later, Adrian Toomes returned, and broke Blackie out of prison. He then fought him, to show which of them was the better Vulture. Toomes easily defeated Blackie, who announced "I'm through! I'm never putting on these wings again!".

Ultimate Universe

Earth-1610 Ultimate

In the Ultimate Universe Blackie Drago is the regular Vulture.

Powers and Equipment

Blackie could fly, just like the original Vulture. The wings apparently gave him super strength as well. Blackie also had a helmet with a short wave-length radio concealed in it.


In Spider-Man: Blue, Blackie Drago was very different to how he had been depicted in Amazing Spider-Man. A comparison of differences is below.

  • In Amazing Spider-Man, Blackie arranged an accident to weaken Vulture and tell him where his wings were. In Spider-Man: Blue, Kraven the Hunter helped Blackie poison Vulture's food.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man, Blackie was told by the Vulture where his wings were whilst the Vulture was in the infirmary. In Spider-Man: Blue, Blackie was told in the refectory, just after Vulture had been poisoned.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man, Blackie escaped without help. In Spider-Man: Blue, Kraven helped him escape.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man, Blackie made a helmet for himself. In Spider-Man: Blue, he didn't.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man, Blackie's crime spree was interrupted by Spider-Man. In Spider-Man: Blue, Drago looked for and found Spider-Man.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man, Kraven fought Blackie and defeated him. In Spider-Man: Blue, the original Vulture was cured from his poison with an antidote of Kraven's. The original Vulture then found Blackie and defeated him.

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