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Nuidis Vulko was the the royal advisor to Aquaman. He was one of the leaders of Atlantis' scientific community, and several times ruled Atlantis in Aquaman's absence. When Aquaman left the throne to live among the surface dweller's, it was Vulko that was left to deal with the backlash of Arthur's attempts to bring the Atlaneans out of isolation from the surface world. When the Atlantean royal seal went missing, most of the Atlanteans believed that it was a surface dweller diplomat that was responsible and they sought war with the surface because of this. It was Vulko, with the help of Aquaman and Nuada Silverhand, that was able to diffuse the situation by proving that Ocean Master was actually responsible.

Vulko is also the one that provided Arthur with his blue underwater stealth costume, as well as a variety of other technologies that Aquaman has had need of over the years.

Vulko was present in Atlantis when the city was destroyed by the Spectre. Like many citizens of Atlantis, Vulko was killed. His ghost has since reappeared inhabiting Windward Home where he has served as an adviser to Arthur Joseph Curry and the Sea Devils.

Major Story Arcs

Aquaman: The Waterbearer

For more information see: Aquaman: The Waterbearer

After the events of The Obsidian Age, Aquaman has been dubbed a traitor and is banished to Traitor Reef. There Vulko reads the degree from Mera that orders Aquaman's death. Aquaman tries to reason with Vulko but his loyalty to the current ruler forces Vulko to ignore Aquaman's pleas. Later while taking other prisoner to the Traitor Reef, Vulko learns that many of the the so called traitors are noble and honest people of Atlantis. With the help of a mutated creature, he calls a true Man O War, Vulko frees the captives and heads back to Atlantis prepared to give his life to get Aquaman back as the rightful king.

New 52

In a flashback, Aquaman was seen talking with Vulko. He states that as a former adviser to the Atlantean throne he knows that Atlantis needs their king, Aquaman, to lead them.

A young Arthur saved a father and daughter from crashing their small boat into the rocks off of a coast. He was aimlessly swimming the oceans after his father died. The father said there was a man named Vulko living in Norway who had claimed to be from Atlantis a few years earlier. Arthur located him and Vulko instantly recognized him. Vulko went on to tell Arthur that his mother's name was Atlanna and that she went back to Atlantis to protect Arthur and his father. She would later wed a suitor and have a son named Orm, Arthur's half brother. They then set out to find Atlantis.

Throne of Atlantis

Vulko is responsible for locating the Scepter of the Dead King and instigating a war between Atlantis and the surface world. He did it purely to force Aquaman to return to Atlantis to be king once more. After being discovered as the instigator, Vulko was taken to the Atlantean Prisons to await trial. Aquaman visited Vulko in the Prisons in hope of finding answers about who was collecting the Atlantean Weaponry. Vulko suggested that it could be Peter Mortimer a.k.a. The Scavenger.

Powers and Abilities

Vulko is a portly Atlantean who is/was physically past his prime in his appearances, but easily a match for a surface dweller. He is very bright and is knowledgeable is several areas of politics and advanced Atlantean science. Vulko is known to be almost equally strong as Aquaman and depicted to have knock down Superman with one punch.

His abilities whilst being a ghost in Pre-Flashpoint continuity were not revealed.

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