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Vulcan sits across a rooftop watching the members of The JSA, in their brownstone. Vulcan throws his axe through a window catching Jay Garrick, The Flash and Wildcat's attention. He transmutes into metal and knocks down Flash at the same time. He pulls the floor of the brownstone up and creates a blinding light that stuns Star Spangled Kid and Power Girl. Wildcat and Jay are laying on the floor unconscious. Vulcan escapes, but not before blasting the floor and igniting it with flames.

Dr. Fate, as Kent Nelson arrives at Gotham Broadcasting, to talk with Alan Scott. Nelson changes into Dr. Fate, and both Green Lantern, Alan Scott and Dr. Fate head to Washington D.C. They talk with a colonel that tells them of an astronaut named Christopher Pike. Christopher Pike was a hero worshipper of The JSA as a child. He joined the National Space Program after college, and entered the early astronaut training program, to become like the members of the JSA. He was selected for the Vulcan Probe One mission. Pike loses control and kills the other 2 members of the flight mission. The command module ignites as it gets close to the sun, forming a molten shell around Pike as it skims the surface of the sun and heads back to Earth. The module is fished from the sea and later experiments by the scientists find a living Pike encased with the molten module. He breaks free from his encasement and is given a containment suit because of the radiation he gives off. Pike breaks free 23 days later and begins to search for the JSA.

Dr. Fate and Green Lantern find Pike , now Vulcan siphoning the energy of neon signs atop the entertainment district. Dr. Fate and Green Lantern, attention squarely on Vulcan, swoop down to intercept him. Green Lantern takes the civilians away while Doctor Fate battles Vulcan. Vulcan destroys the building that they are battling atop of and Doctor Fate is caught within the falling debris. Vulcan flies away and while escaping is hit by a flash from the sky. He awakens shortly and is located by Hawkman and Star Spangled Kid. Power Girl finds them and introduces them to XLK-JNN. He is the alien who rescued Pike while exploring our solar system. The space capsule had crashed into the sun and Pike was transformed into a creature that could absorb the sun's radiation and heat. Vulcan, hearing this, burns the alien for transforming by a heat blast. XLK-JNN had come back to fix the flaw of being super sensitive to light. The flash had come from XLK-JNN's spaceship. Star Spangled Kid uses his cosmic rod that feeds off of sunlight and incenerates Vulcan.

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