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Vostok-X was created by Geoff Johns and debuted in Aquaman


Vostok was trained to be the perfect Russian cosmonaut and was raised in a solitary chamber to prepare himself for the isolation of space. When the Soviet Union fell apart so did his program and he fled into the mountains, unable to adapt to human contact. His biggest fear is to die alone.

Some time later he meets Aquaman and the rest of his team as they fight to save a village in Siberia from Black Manta. Later, when confronting Black Manta, he is killed.

Major Story Arcs

Aquaman - The Others

Vostok answers the Operative's call and arrives to their aide. He tells Ya'Wara that he has been alone on the moon for the past 2 years.

Powers & Abilities

Isolation training

Vostok was trained to be a Russian cosmonaut adept to the isolation of space. Hence he is the very definition of the term individual. The side effect of the training though is that he is uncomfortable around other individuals and has problems with the sensation of touch. Due to his training he also developed a fear of dying alone.

Weaponry & Equipment

Atlantean Helmet

One of the seven Atlantean relics crafted by the first king of Atlantis. It is potentially indestructible and grants the user the ability to survive great lengths of time without food, water, oxygen, or sleep.

Jet Pack

Vostok has a jet pack which he uses to fly. It is strong enough to fly him from the moon to Earth but the power source is never revealed though.

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