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 Voss battles Atom
Voss was the right hand man and second in command of Taren's rebels.  Just before Taren died he names Atom as the leader of the rebels.  Voss was angered by this and challenged Atom whom he thought was a spy.  After Atom beat Voss he keeps Voss as his second in command as well feeling that Voss would be good at the position because he speaks his mind.
As Atom's second in command he discovered the true traitor who he had dispatched by allowing him to put a poison arrow through his own hand, as this is the way of their people.  He also discovered that the King Caellich's adviser Deraegis was the true enemy of the people and in the final raid on the city of Marlaidn he kill Deraegis with an arrow through his head.  As the city crashed around the people he led his people out of the city and saved them along with Princess Laethwen.

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