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Voort saBinring was born an ordinary Gamorrean, but was genetically altered by Binring Biomedical Product on the planet Saffalore. His intelligence grew to genius level, and a bionic translator device in his throat allowed him to speak Basic.

Dr. Tuzin Gast, the scientist who had altered Voort, felt guilty over taking part in projects he found unethical, and allowed Piggy to escape to the planet Obroa-skai. From here, he made his way to the Rebel Alliance, where he enlisted as a starfighter pilot and acquired the nickname "Piggy". His career was jeopardized by a xenophobic commanding officer who attempted to instigate a fight with him. Piggy insisted that he had not struck the commander, saying that he would not been able to speak clearly enough to report the assault if he had.

When Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson assembled Wraith Squadron, they intentionally sought out recruits that nobody else wanted, Piggy among them. His exceptional navigation and mathematical abilities impressed them, and Piggy became a founding member of the squadron.

Wraith Squadron was initially stationed on the moon Folor; however, the were quickly forced to evacuate when Folor Base was attacked by the Star Destroyer Implacable, commanded by admiral Apwar Trigit in service to Warlord Zsinj. While traveling through hyperspace, all of Wraith Squadron's X-wings and support vehicle were suddenly forced to drop out of lightspeed by a weapon called an empion mine. The weapon disabled all electronic devices in the area, including Piggy's translator. It was quickly repaired, and Piggy would quickly see his first real combat mission.

Working with Wraith Squadron's mechanic Cubber Daine, Piggy assembled a small ship, dubbed the Lunatic, from the cargo compartment of the squadron's Lambda-class shuttle, and converted a damaged X-wing's laser cannon into a hand-held weapon. When the Zsinj-allied Corellian Corvette Night Caller arrived to survey the damage done by the empion mine, it picked up the Lunatic. Piggy singlehandedly managed to take over the Night Caller, even killing the ship's captain with a single shot.

The Wraiths converted the Night Caller into a mobile base. They were frequently contacted by Zsinj's forces, who were unaware that the ship had been captured for some time. It would be heavily damaged in battle when the ruse was discovered, but was repaired enough to see action one more time before being retired.

Piggy would serve the Wraiths during General Han Solo's campaign against Zsinj, even saving the life of Admiral Ackbar during an assassination attempt by a Zsinj sleeper agent.

Piggy and Wraith Squadron would also serve in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, where a mission to the planet Chashima took a great toll on him. His friend and founding Wraith Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh was poisoned in combat. Runt told Piggy that "nothing would be worse than if they had an antidote," knowing that he would be subjected to extreme torture if he was taken prisoner. Wanting to spare his friend such a gruesome fate, Piggy shot him dead. Believing Runt's death pointless, as the Yuuzhan Vong had been significantly weakened after years of combat, Piggy left both the service and his nickname behind. The incident also left Voort with a hatred of the Yuuzhan Vong.

After the war ended, Voort took a job as a mathematics professor on the planet Ayceezee. Almost fifteen years later, he found himself serving in a new version of Wraith Squadron, which had been secretly reassembled by founding member Garik Loran to expose the corrupt Galactic Alliance general Stavin Thaal. To Voort's dismay, this squadron including a Yuuzhan Vong, Viull "Scut" Gorsat.

On the planet Vandor-3, the Wraiths learned that Loran had also assembled a second Wraith Squadron. The two Wraith Squadrons merged to combat Thaal's forces, although the leader of the first team, Bhindi Drayson, was killed in action. During a lull in the fighting, Voort learned about Gorsat's heritage: he had been raised by a human, Dr. Mulus Cheems (who had actually worked with the Wraiths thirty years earlier), after being exiled from his own race. Scut learned much of the Wraiths' missions, and saw Voort in particularly as a personal hero. This revelation led Voort's view of him to change radically. After their conversation, Voort took command of the Wraiths.

The Wraiths caught up with General Thaal on the planet Kuratooine, succeeding in their mission in exposing him as a traitor. After their adventure had ended, Wraith Squadron was officially reactivated as a unit of Galactic Alliance Intelligence, and Voort announced he would once again go by "Piggy".

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