Why don't certain characters look more ethnic?

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Look, I know i've "kinda" spoken onthis already with certain characters, but alas.

Have you noticed how certain characters lack any ethnic features besides skin color, if that much.

1. Voodoo: I've noted before that Voodoo's ethnicity is oddly ambiguous most of the time, despite her dark skin. I've been told that she's black, but many times you can't tell. This may attribute to Jim Lee's(and many others') inability to draw non-caucasian features on characters. This is especially scary in Lee's case, considering he's....ya know.....not white.

2. Wonder Woman: This is slowly but surely being fixed. I've always felt that Diana should have darker, olive colored skin as well as have curly hair and Mediterranean facial features. The hair was something put in by artists like Perez, but Cliff Chiang has gone and finally given her darker, more "greek" skin.

3. Any hispanic character: Unlike asians in comics, who, no matter what their skin color, can be shown to be ethnic by their eyes, hispanics are a bit harder to characterize. In fact, most, like Jaime Reyes and his family, usually look white unless the artist actually tries. The fact that on B:TBATB, he's voiced by the white actor who played Terry McGuiness/Eric Matthews doesn't help.

I'm not asking for racial caricatures, I'm just asking for more ethnic characters, particularly the women, to look a bit more like their own race and less like photoshopped white people.

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I think its in Voodoo 1, but I do remember Voodoo refering to herself in a statement "it's hard being a mixed race girl" That being said, it is common for people to refer those who are half black as being just black, eg. Barack Obama and Tiger Woods. In the case of her being just half I could see Voodoo's current depiction being decently accurate.

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Wait a second. "Caucasian" is not an anthropological description exclusive to "white people". An honest anthropologist will tell you that "Caucasian" features actually began in east/north Africa then moved to places like India and the middle east. I know it might sort of bug you to see colored people being depicted with "Caucasian" features but those features are not exclusive to "white people".

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I thought Voodoo looked mixed race O_O

Wonder Woman can have any features because originally she was made of clay not born of man, the new version she is the child of zeus and hippolyta(who is very "white") So she wouldn't necessarily be "Mediterranean" in features

Spanish people are up in the air because it depends on their mixed backgrounds

Cubans: Are normally fair skinned to olivish skin but mainly caucasian features. The island has gotten darker in features over the years due to immigration but that is more mixed race cuban

Puerto Ricans: Have a WIDE spectrum of features spanning caucasian to more ethnic.

Dominican: tend to be more ethnic because the island is shared with haiti so they tend to lean more towards darker features(not necessarily skin)


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