Vitruvian Voodoo

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The Vitruvian Man is one of the most famous drawings of all time.  As it was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, it was meant to represent the perfect synthesis of science and art together at one time by demonstrating what is a perfect man.  In terms of its notoriety it has probably become the second most referenced artwork in history after the Mona Lisa, but with the case of the Vitruvian Man, only an aspect of the true meaning of the drawing gets across when it is redrawn.  There was a case towards the end of the third volume of Wonder Woman where one of the issues contained a version of this (with the outer circle being formed by her lasso) but again this showed up in the most recent issue of Voodoo.  Absent from the new version of the symmetry which is characterized in the original, and in fact, it would seem that the manipulation of the original image was one which has somewhat changed the meaning.  While the original helped define a perfect man, the new version defines instead a character lost in themselves.  The Wonder Woman picture occurred in the Odyssey story arc where she had lost all recollection of her past, whereas the Voodoo image occurs as she is discovering who she is and battling against her impulses from two different species.  And while this has some sense of meaning to the reader, it should theoretically have less for the reader as neither character would seemingly have much expertise on the meaning of Renaissance artworks.  Thus the meaning has changed somewhat from its original purpose when it is shown now, but at least the original provides a guideline for the interpretation of the new, that some sense of meaning is sought in this depiction.  
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You could say that it represents the perfect man but also this version shows the duality of man (or woman)

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@spiderbat87: I think that is pretty much what it is saying, that a duality represents a search for one's true self.

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Its amazing that Leonardo da Vinci ever got any paintings done, considering that he was a chronic procrastinator.

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