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Woooooooooow 0

Im not a fan of cheesecake and I in no way at any time felt as if the skin in this issue was cheesecake. It felt like I was watching someone at their job doing what they do. Nothing was really sexual or slutty. If anyone's seen the movie Pay it Forward, the strippers reminded me of the mom. They're all real people with real things in their lives. When you read this, take the story for what it is. Don't think of it as cheesecake. The art isn't even very cheesecakey. Once you finish this issue, it...

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Smart and Sexy 0

I'm conflicted a bit on this one. As you read through this book your impression of it changes slowly but surely from, "This is sleezy and shallow" to "Wow! Real characters!" And had that been the entire story... well it would get a 5 star rating. There is one nagging point about this book that bothers me and it is that the writer/artist took way too much stock in the tropes and Freudian sexualization which persists throughout the book along with the stereotype that is the secondary female lead. ...

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David Icke was sort of right 0

Another DC #1 with almost as many boobs as text bubbles. But as this issue reveals itself, so does Voodoo's motive for using her body to manipulate the same sex-starved, slobbering parts of the male psyche some other comics are seen to pander to.After the cleavage, the most striking aspect of this issue is Sam Basri's simple art style. Fans of ultra-detailed comic-book art might not like it, but it foregrounds faces (where the important detail is) and looks stylish in a way that evokes Y: The La...

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Bad Timing or Just a Bad Book? 0

Before the DC relaunch began the internet was abuzz about the claims that this relaunch was sexist because of how few female characters had books in the relaunch and because of the lack of female talent behind the books themselves. Now after the first two weeks I didn't see much need to be worried about the portrayal of women in the comics, but then came week three, and we all saw what they did to Starfire and the last panel of Catwoman. Now the character of Voodoo starts off as a stripper and b...

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Dancing in the Dark 0

(No Spoilers)The final round of the New 52 is here and with it comes another addition from the Wildstorm Universe. Voodoo centers on a character that became well-known as a member of the Wildcats during the Wildstorm years. But now Voodoo’s introduction into the DCU comes solo and leaves us wondering where her allegiances really lie.As a member of the Wildcats, Voodoo was always a favorite character of mine. I loved her design and how her later incarnations became less and less superhero and mor...

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Nothing's Wrong Here 0

I really like Alan Moore's run on WildC.A.T.s but it seemed like Voodoo got overlooked. I really liked the Wildstorm reboot a few years ago that attempted to place Voodoo at the forefront of the Wildstorm Universe but that seems to have fell through. Voodoo has her share of ups and down but with her own book maybe she could take what made her interesting in her Wildstorm incarnation and transfer that into a mainline DCU title. I'm not sure it works.To start off with Voodoo is a stripper. She has...

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I want you to dig deep 0

To be honest I didn't pick up this title from my own volition, rather others told me that I should have a look at it based on its portrayal of women.  Granted that a majority of this issue occurs within a strip club, but even considering that I did not find anything to be particularly gratuitous.  The story is focused around Voodoo, who is supposedly an alien shapeshifter and a team of agents from some organization which is following her.  Granted the context of the story would have worked anywh...

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Keeping Secrets 0

Keeping Secrets: Well TBs  I just pick this issue up , I must say I like it , because  it has some of the feel from Wild cats#1 , like when they 1st  forming  up the team ,but with a twist , its going fun to see how she plays out in the DCU who knows what will happen ....

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Black Magic Woman 0

The original version of this review can be found on my Wordpress blog. Check that out HERE.The DC Comics "New 52" has taken quite the beating over the course of a short time due primarily to the portrayal of some of DC's female characters. Fan service is certainly nothing new, and not having read any of the titles where these portrayals were, I can't comment honestly myself.But I DID read Voodoo #1 by Ron Marz and Sami Basri, and whilst there's plenty of exposed skin, it at least seems justified...

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I Need a Twenty 0

Voodoo may be the latest DC title to rile up the prudish, but it's also another well done launch of a title to take the time to focus on character and atmosphere. That is, if you're mature enough to see anything other than the boobies.When it comes to the new Wildstorm titles, Voodoo is far more similar to Grifter than Stormwatch. This is a slow first issue, and it focuses mainly on introducing us to the main character rather than quickly delving into plot. Rather than follow Voodoo like we did ...

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Interesting, but not that Pretty... 0

Before reading this comic and then looking her up; I didn't know anything about Voodoo. But she is certainly an interesting character with an even more interesting story. But what is with the art in this issue. It was some of the simplistic most stylistic stuff I've seen from a modern comic. It reminded me a lot of the old Transoformers comics where they just had to phone in a few issues and then the series would be over; so they didn't even really try. This could have been an artistic tour de f...

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awesome 0

I had never heard of Voodoo before, nor had I any intention of picking it up after reading it was one of the titles being relaunched, but, although this may not be the best reason, once I saw the cover art, I had to have a copy.The art inside is stunning and although the setting of the book is a strip club, the book was not tacky at all. The writing was very good and I am very interested to find out how her character develops. I enjoyed the book thorouly and will deffinately read on. A MUST READ...

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When I Feel The Snakebite Enter My Veins 0

The Good: The art's really nice, especially for the setting. The coloring especially has a good smoothness to it, and the effects of the multicolored lights are well illustrated as well. The entire issue is very well paced. It's presented as a mystery, with a few key players, and you're not sure yet which one you're supposed to be following. There's that girl who's on all the issue covers, but we know nothing about her, she's stirpping on stage, the top girl in the club. There's a man and woman ...

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Voodoo Magick is back on paper 0

Voodoo is back and finally she gets an ongoing series.  The last time she had the spotlight was an Alan Moore mini-series, where Moore explored his concepts of Magick and comics.  Meaning his ability to change a readers will.  That same Metatextual concept can always apply to writer who writes Voodoo, Ms. Priscilla Kitaen so seductively.   The comics takes place in a strip-joint and it is a place we all know, even if we haven't been to one.  It is a place of magick, and the performer is Voodoo p...

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