Volthoom The First Lantern....

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Is he a completely new character, or a revamp of an older character?

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Volthoom is a new character. In the past, Volthoom name has been used before as the soure of power of Power Ring of the Crime Syndicate. In the old pre-coie earth 3, Volthoom was the monk who gave Power Ring his powers. Post-coie Volthoom is still the something that provides power and lives inside the ring of Power Ring.

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Post-flashpoint, maybe there will be a Volthoom Corps and there will also be a Power Ring on main earth. We already have Owlman and Zoom so it is easy to form a Crime Syndicate on main earth. Hopefully, they can also reboot Alan Scott on main earth. Maybe the sorcerers of Zerox can have their own corps also so we can bring back the magical Alan Scott on main earth.

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Volthoom is also the name of the White Martian, but he's a completely new character

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