A Volstagg Thanksgiving!!!

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I'm not sure why, but every year around Thanksgiving I think of the hearty and glutenous hero, Volstagg.

Well, perhaps that is the very reason in itself. Volstagg depicts at least two of the well-known modern-day stereotypes for our American holiday (having a hearty time and a glutenous appetite). This Asgardian is the only hero that I can think of who would dedicate a whole day to the joy of eating.

But, both Volstagg and Thanksgiving are much more than what they appear.

Behind the happy-go-lucky appearance of the god above lies the "Lion of Asgard." When he is not happily stuffing his face with delicious edibles he is one of the fiercest warriors that Asgard has ever known. In his first appearance, he causes quite a commotion before he even gets to a panel. Thor calls him "Volstagg the enormous! Volstagg, the blustering, boasting giant of a warrior!"


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