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Voidian is a cultist obsessed with annihilation and destruction. He uses various planet destroying weapons and viruses to achieve his goals, and has assembled a cult of like-minded fanatics to aid him in constructing newer and more terrifying weapons of planetary destruction. Such has been the extent of the devastation unleashed by the Voidian that numerous star systems have placed warrants for his arrest, with many of them possessing the death penalty for the actions of this interstellar fiend. 
Following the destruction of New Korbin, his adventures with Omega Flight and his battles alongside his oath-brother Thor against the  Skrulls, the alien warrior known as Beta Ray Bill encountered Voidian on a remote space station. The station's inhabitants, a race of androids designed to offer hospitality and comfort to all passing travelers, had become the latest victims of the Voidian's destructive religious fervor, suffering from a nano-virus unleashed by the madman. Thanks to Bill, he was defeated and captured, but escaped when the last of the Korbinites was involved in an adventure with a band of pacifist Skrulls fleeing the persecution of their jihadist brethren following the Secret Invasion
Rebuilding his cathedral of arms manufacturing and rallying his cult,  he was tracked down and captured by Beta Ray Bill following a lead from Agent Abigail Brand of SWORD, the alien warrior seeking to put an end to his path of destruction and requiring his weapons to help him defeat the World-Eater Galactus. It was Voidian who talked Bill into giving a virus to the I'Than in order to get them to leave their planet, thus allowing Bill to destroy it and deny Galactus of another meal. This action caused Bill to be unworthy to hold Stormbreaker, but the cosmic hero eventually redeemed himself by aiding his former prey and his Heralds.
With Bill's quest abandoned. the Voidian was turned over to SWORD custody, and presumably imprisoned on the rebuilt Peak space station.

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