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It is unknown how the Void-Eater came to be. Its origins are completely shrouded in mystery. One day the Void-Eater somehow captured Jessica Drew and dragged her to its dimension, where it trapped her within a ball of energy that it used for one of its eyes.

Sensational Spider-Man '96 Annual

Spider-Woman and Lindsay McCabe travel to the dimension of the Void-Eater and are attacked by the immense demon. Jessica Drew awakens due to a spell from Sepulchre, which causes her to regain her lost power. Jessica proceeds to rush the others out of a dimensional created by Sepulchre and closes it before the Void-Eater can capture them. The Void-Eater has never been seen since, and is presumably still in its home dimension.

Powers and Abilities

Void-Eater demonstrated the ability of being able to capture others located outside of its own dimension. It is also able to harness the energy of others to an unknown extent. Due to its size, Void-Eater presumably has strength well beyond that of a normal human.

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