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Vohc is one of the Gods of the Kryptonian pantheon. Originally he was a creator, joyfully making new creations to add to the

Vohc and his siblings

beauty of ancient Krypton, but an incident with Nightwing and Flamebird caused him to disavow the other Gods and become their eternal enemy. Vohc is the perpetrator of the original sin in the Kryptonian mythology.


Vohc in his element

According to Kryptonian Mythology, Vohc is one of the children of Rao, the chief God. After Rao created the universe and Krypton, Vohc the builder was given the task of decorating Krypton with as many beautiful creations as possible, turning Rao's designated jewel planet into a paradise. At the same time, Rao created Flamebird, whose job was to destroy Vohc's creations in order to inspire him to even greater feats.

For ages, Flamebird and Vohc played their game of destruction and renewal, with Flamebird destroying Vohc's creations, compelled by her love for her brother, and Vohc, inspired by the love for his sister, creating even greater things.

Vohc and Nightwing

Vohc had a friend: Nightwing. Nightwing was also a child of Rao, tasked with hunting the evils which hid from Rao in the shadows. Being a shadow creature, Nightwing could not walk with the other Gods, apart from Vohc, and thus was lonely. Feeling sorry for his brother/friend, Vohc sought to create a bridge between the light and darkness, and thus bring Nightwing and Flamebird together. When he accomplished his task, Nightwing and Flamebird met and instantly fell madly in love with each other. Inspired by the love of his siblings, Vohc created his greatest achievement: His heart.

Vohc's heart

Unfortunately, Flamebird did not forget her function, and sought to destroy Vohc's creation. For the first time Vohc begged her to stop her quest of destruction, but she was adamant, and destroyed the heart, insisting that it would only inspire him to create something greater.

Heart broken, both literally and figuratively, Vohc turned to darker thoughts and plotted revenge against the two. As Flamebird punished him by destroying what he loved, so too would he punish her by destroying what she loves. He created a spire of Kryptonian sunstone crystals, into which he built was reserves of power. With Nightwing present, he delivered his creation

The first heretic

to Flamebird to fulfill her task. Joyfully, Flamebird struck the spire with her fire, and then Vohc's trap was made clear: The crystals shattered and struck Nightwing, creating the Phantom zone, and imprisoning Nightwing in it. Thus through Vohc's treachery Nightwing and Flamebird were forever separated. Now shoving the depths of his insanity, Vohc renamed himself into Vohc the breaker and renounced Father Rao and the other gods, becoming the first heretic.



After the city of Kandor was released from Brainiac and New Krypton formed, Thara Ak-Var and Chris Kent became living avatars of Nightwing and Flamebird. Like them, Vohc also took over the body of Jax-Ur, a Kryptonian criminal and one of general Zod's sleeper agents. Still

harboring hatred towards the pair, Vohc/Jax-Ur used a sample of Flamebird's DNA to create his new greatest achievement: A giant construct resembling their father Rao, an indestructible weapon finally capable of withstanding Flamebird's flame.

Vohc the breaker

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