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Skilled magicians, Vizary can cause earthquakes and fire tornadoes, and co-create the illusion of even subjugate other beings. Many demons are jealous supernatural force Vizara, not knowing what price she gets them: after all, the knowledge of each new spell produces a huge risk to the health or even life ...

Vizary not enjoy the cold nor the firearm on their side is much more dangerous powers - the power of the elements. People do not just experienced the power of the raging of nature for centuries volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods destroyed entire cities and even civilization - and that these natural disasters are only a small fraction of the forces of prisoners in the bowels of the earth!

Vizary sure that you can manage even the most terrible storm - it is necessary to understand the secret, forgotten after so many years. After all, in times of darkness primeval Chaos natural forces were available to anyone wishing - if only to have the heart and skill to handle them. Anticipating the worst consequences, God has limited the power of the elements - so there was the balance of power in nature, which has been preserved to this day. However Vizara do not agree with the current state of affairs: every year they break the shackles of balance, in order to free up forces sharpened, and then take control of them. But sometimes magicians hell can not cope with the ancient power hidden in the depths of the Earth, and then the next natural disaster zipping around the world, leaving only death and destruction ....

Vizary symbol - a circle. As a sign of harmony and balance for people, to Vasary he is a symbol of the great mix of chaos and destruction borders. Inside the circle is applied to the personal emblem of one of the many magical clans, which are divided by a legion of Vasari. Worthily considered two:

clan Agonitov and Miraklity


the head of the Legion - Baffort Rakshor


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