Vixen: Powers and Abilities

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Magic behind her abilities
Electrical Protection and Projection
Light and Lasers
Heat and Cold Resistance
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More Soon

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You forgot how she keeps those magnificent totems covered by that outfit.

But the only thing I dont like is her actually changing shapes. Sure ok, have the totem with that ability sure, that someone can master it, but she is not Beast Boy or the female Wonder Twin. Have her just surrounded by a redish (cause its from the red) aura of the animal's template.

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@COBRAMORPH: I agree her stint in Unlimited cartoon was great and I love the way that was done.

@Lord Shiva: Great job wish I had seen it sooner.

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Nice scans. I love Mari! She has so much potential in my opinion. I would love to see her guest appear in Animal Man.

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@blkson said:

Nice scans. I love Mari! She has so much potential in my opinion. I would love to see her guest appear in Animal Man.

If anything she should've been the new founding member of the league instead of Cyborg.

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Question...does vixen always need to say which animal template she wants or is it a habbit?

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No,i've seen in comics where she doesn't say there name.Vixen should be used more often,shes a great character.

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@wtk1013: great and powerful in her own right , i also read that someone told her she was a copy cat of animal man -_- , anyway i've always wanted her to be able to multiply the animals , example : she thinks "elephant" instead of getting the strength of one why not two? Or an entire herd?

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@malachi_munroe: I was thinking it would be cool if she could access more than one animal at a time. Like splicing the powers or something. Like cheetah speed and elephant strength. Cliched, I know but handy nonetheless.

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@akindoodle: shes done that already , against that big guy from the royal flush , she combined the speed of the cheetah with the momentum or durability of a rhino to plow through the pool table he was swinging at het and added capuchin monkey for dexterity . I would like hrr to multiply the traits/powershe gets. Imagine a woman hitting you with the combined strength of a colony of ants moving at the

Combined speeds of three or four cheetahs

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@malachi_munroe: Dude.... that's brutal. Hey could she multiply herself physically like, I don't know, amoeba or earthworms or something (I'm no science student) and give herself a quasi-telepathic hive mind? She'd have like little clones of herself running around and doing coordinated stuff; ultimate SWAT team. I know it sounds disgusting and actually kinda creepy but could she do it?

She and Shiera were BAMFS in JLU. They should use them more.

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@akindoodle: this depends on if she could do the whole bacteria thing like animal man , she could ude earthworms to regenerate body parts or starfish , and some weird creature called an axoltol or something can regrow its heart hive mind?ehh idk but she can be a telepath with grodd around.. i loved her and shay in hunters moon , what i didnt like however is that shr couldnt fly and had to touch the totem to activate her powers , have her go "cheetah!" Or something lol

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@malachi_munroe: So much potential. DC needs to open its eyes! They own the rights to so many unique properties instead of the standard flying, punching, explosive magic, heat vision fare.

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@akindoodle: and they also like to make everyone class100 people... gets boring after a while.

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@malachi_munroe: Indeed. It's part of the reason the people arguing for Superman being able to bench press the earth - for almost a whole damn week! - makes no sense! As a story, for the character, for the setting. Nothing! How are you supposed to find any plausible villains for him to fight? Oh wait, we'll just make them STRONGER. Well DC, if they're both so strong, they really shouldn't be fighting on the face of the planet in the first place; they might break the whole thing apart. Like an egg. I for one, enjoy being alive as I'm sure most denizens of the DC Universe do. This is why I prefer people who play on the street or slightly above. Like Vixen! Woot! Nothing wrong with "planet busters" (I shudder to use that word), but if the environment is inundated with them, there is no longer a coherent story and aforementioned characters are no longer valued at what they once were. It's basic economics.

*Takes deep breath*

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@akindoodle: couldn't have said it bette , and most people claim PIS when she took supes punch ... well i guess that makes Diana taking a punch from supes PIS aswell , they need to realise that both women have magic behind their powers , if diana was a regular meta with no magic whatsoever you really think she would be hurting him AT ALL??( i think ww is a demigod in the new 52 which i hate) and technically mari walks around with a god on her neck ( since anansi now resides in the totem )

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@malachi_munroe: Oh don't even get me started on Superman and magic. I received a crash course from another user a few months ago and it seemed like a good way to ensure that he wasn't overpowered and it would get to show off some really intelligent ways to entrap him and/or for him to escape. Great character development for all involved! - Until I realised that half the fandom think it's a stupid vulnerability. I don't think so. Played well, it would not be Plot Induced Nonsense, it would be GOOD WRITING. I swear, comic book fans... Honestly! #hypocrisy

Also, Diana is a demigod in the New 52 which I actually don't mind. If they're gonna stick with it, I wish they had gone the DCAU or Animated film route and made it an unconventional choice instead of the typical Zeus brood. It was implied in the JL cartoon that Hades was her dad and they pretty much out and said her ma and Ares used to sleep together in the animated film. Ares would have made a lot of sense in the N52 context; he's already pretty much a father figure to her AND she just inherited his title. *Le sigh* But tis a discussion for another day...

Also, Anansi? Like the Spider god? Cool. That makes Vixen... Ghanaian? Maybe Ivorian or Togolese but most likely Ghanian; Ashanti or Akan but I'm not Ghanaian so I can't be sure (I hate it when people just say "African." WHERE IN AFRICA?! It's a big ass continent, don't you know?!)

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@akindoodle: lool shes from zambesi ( i think .... maybe a fictional village) , and yeah when she was mimicking metas it was revealed that he made the totem his home ( not sure if he is still residing there in the new 52 but i cant find evidence to say otherwise added to the fact that she doesn't have to wear it anylonger but is required to keep it safe , because in her new 52 look the totem isnt on her ) and who else thinks she should have a child?

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@malachi_munroe: The Zambezi is a river... What the- ? I'm confused

Anyway, a child? I wouldn't mind; they always bring up some really interesting conflicts and motivations. But more importantly,

Gurl, who the baby daddy?!

(You don't get the joke, watch these videos Questions Pt 2: The Gossip)

Why do YOU want her to have a child? And of course, with whom? Lad or lass? Committed relationship or one night stand? Cue "Askin' all them questions! Why you asking all them questions, makin' statements, assumin'?!"

I'm already getting emotionally invested in this, as you can see

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@akindoodle: lmaoo maybe greg saunders? Loved their chemistry in jlu...

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Vixen on Gorilla Grood

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Taking a hit form Superman

Power of a Dragon to kill a Dragon

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