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Myles first realized his powers when he was being bullied about his sexuality by a couple of his college school mates. He then turned into his feral self and ripped them apart. With the deaths of most of the team members of the X-Force, Vivisector decided to put his powers to use by joining them along with other new recruits such as Bloke and Saint Anna. During the Vivisector's membership with the X-Statix and X-Force, he and Phat developed a strong bond through their joint interest in causing mischief in the team. This bond later developed into a romantic relationship, which they played up very much for the media. They later announced that the relationship had been a false one that was only developed for fame, but through it, they had realized that they were, in fact, in love with each other. In the X-Statix's last mission, Vivisector was killed by the blast that Venus Dee Milo gave off when her body became unstable and exploded.


Myles has the ability to transform into a wolf like creature. In this form, he has super human senses and aglity. He also has animal like strength and speed. He has razor sharp claws and teeth that can rend metal.

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