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 Magik's Captain Of The Guards
Vitchen summoned Amanda Sefton to Limbo when the Archenemy first manifested, and drove the denizens of Nightmare's realm into Limbo following a magical aftershock caused by the creature's own nightmare. Vitchen fought alongside Amanda and Nightcrawler when the demonforms attacked, and successfully destroyed them with the help of Magik's army. Amanda told Nightcrawler and Vitchen that something remarkably evil, and powerful, was threatening the Splinter Realms, and informed Nightcrawler that she needed to return him to his realm. Nightcrawler refused, and Vitchen informed his mistress that she was receiving a visitor, Dormammu.   

Dormammu reanimated Gleeg, a captain in the Silurian Guard, who told Magik
 Battling The Archenemy's Shadowforms
and her army that Nightmare's realm had been overwhelmed. Dormammu recommended that Amanda join forces with him, with much protest on Vitchen's part. Amanda ordered Vitchen and her army to substantiate Dormammu's claim by forming a scouting party. The scouting party discovered the realm of Muspelheim destroyed, and were attacked by the Archenemy itself. Amanda and Dormammu were forced to link their power to teleport the army back to Limbo, narrowly evading their own deaths. Amanda then requested that Vitchen form a scouting expedition to warn Mephisto about the Archenemy. 

 Calm Before The Storm
Amanda went to Hades, and attempted to warn the Lord of Lies that his realm was in danger. Mephisto scoffed at her claim, and the Archenemy assault Hades. Mephisto and Amanda narrowly escaped Hades as it fell, and Amanda informed her army that it was time to call a convocation, a parliament of the lords and rulers of the Splinter Realms. They met in Limbo to discuss the threat posed on their respective realms, and agreed to band together in order to stop the Archenemy. S'ym, posing as Duke Bleys, revealed his true form to Amanda, and informed her that he was working for the Archenemy, all along.  He told her that it had promised to make him the ruler of Limbo if he helped it unite the Lords of the Splinter Realms in one place, in order for it to destroy them all one fell swoop. He then teleported away, and Amanda told the demon she would be back for him, next.  

Amanda blew the Horn of Convocation,  a tool used to summon the armies of 
the Splinter Realms into battle against a common threat. They waged a brutal battle against the Archenemy's shadowforms, and Vitchen was brought to his knees by a wound inflicted on him by one of the creatures. Amanda requested that her allies funnel their power through her to determine the Archenemy's origins, and was shocked to learn that it was the physical embodiment of a magical database she was compiling with her associate, Nugent. Amanda orders Nightcrawler to teleport to Nugent's hotel room, and destroy the database. He did as he is told, weakening the force just enough to enable Amanda to deliver a killing blow to the entity with the Soulsword, saving Limbo. At this time, Vitchen's current status is unknown following the resurrection of Illyana Rasputin by the demon sorcerer, Belasco.

Powers And Abilities

  • Accelerated Healing  
  • Magic Utilization  
  • Swordsmanship
  • Superhuman Agility 
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Strength

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