Relationship with Scarlet Witch?

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I'm just gonna ask cause some people understand the comics betterXD. Just curious... what do Wanda and Vision see in one another? I sorta understood it, ONCE, counted it once when there was some old cartoon in 90s. But I honestly can't understand why they're still together? One minute they love each other, then they divorce. Love, divorce, love, divorce. What is about these two that constantly keeps putting them back together? Because some how something happens that always splits them, its like Jean Grey and Cyclops. Is this like one of those super couples or something, lol. Sorry I just made that sound like a soap operaXD.

But seriously, what is it about them? I got why Emma and Cyclops are a good pair. Even though I've never been her biggest fan. I just don't get it with Vision and her. Hmm it could be I've just seen more of her. I don't mean in comics, I mean by the adaptions. She and Vision were never really put together much. Just asking for those that know this couple moreXD.

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