Is the New Vision same as the Old ?

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Can somebody tell me if the new Vision is still the same one just with a new body or is he a new different Vision ?

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It's the classic version in a rebuilt body.

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Until a movie casts someone else as the Vision, yes.

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It is the same Vision but in a new body.

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Its Slash from popular 90's super band Guns and Roses with his hair shaven clean off and painted with red, green and yellow paint. Axel helped him apply the paint. The red gem on his forehead he stole from Canadian-born former singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and model Vanity, more famously known as a Prince collaborator and dancer!  

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ok thats good. for a secound i thoght he was a completly new Vision.

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Actually it's his old body, Toni Stark was trying to fix him when vision's body went into self repair on it's own.

#8 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1241 posts) - - Show Bio

I have another question about Vision. I heard he was made from the first Human Torch Jim Hammond ? So dose that mean the Vision's real name is also Jim Hammond ?

#9 Posted by Kid_Omega_Prime (1241 posts) - - Show Bio

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

It's the classic version in a rebuilt body.

OOps i'm sorry I worded this question wrong. When I said the new Vision I was refering to the one that calls himself Jonas ?

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The vision in the runaways has the same programming and knowledge... but his brain patterns are modeled after a different person.

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