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Visimajoris is known as the Soul Divider because of his divine power to split a living being into a duplicate of itself, each duplicate only having half the knowledge, abilities, etc. as the previous generation. If this is done enough times, the target may even become so frail that they simply cease to exist. In order to reverse the process, Visimajoris must be incapacitated. Visimajoris has also shown the ability to shoot magic energy bolts out of his hands or his many eyes. When Dr. Strange attempted to go to the base of the Creators, Visimajoris was assigned to stopping him. Visimajoris used his abilities to create 1,024 duplicates of Dr. Strange, each one being so distraught that they could not even move or think. Visimajoris was about to finish off Dr. Strange when a star that was given human life by the Creators named Apalla flew forth and struck Visimajoris with a blast of her own. Visimajoris was injured badly enough that Dr. Strange conglomerated back into his normal self and escaped.

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