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When he was a infant, Rhent Ustin was found in front of a child-care facility in Lehrton on earth. Extensive research into his vision powers was inconclusive, but was determined to be from a mutation rather than any surgical tampering or genetic alteration.

Rhent was raised by the Ustins, foster parents who were curious about, but not frightened by his strange eyes. They taught him to control his strange powers, which include heat vision, hypnotic vision, telescopic vision, and microscopic vision. These powers come from using his four eyes in different combinations, and Rhent may have many more combinations and abilities that he has not discovered yet.

Rhent grew up hearing about the Legion of Super-Heroes and decided early on that he would become a member when he grew up. So when he was old enough, Rhent applied to and was accepted into the Legion Academy as Visi-Lad.

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