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 When Virus was young, his father walked out on him and his mother.  His mother became a crack addict and beat Virus while in her stupers.  She would eventually teach Virus to steal for her.  As he got older, Virus encountered a gang, The Force Syndicate, that took him in.  They took care of him, and in return he stole for them.  The big bang annihilated Virus's gang, but gave him the ability to duplicate himself.  Virus would end up living under a mall, and survive by periodically shoplifting things.  He was waiting for his mother to return to him, but eventually realized that she wouldn't be coming back.  Static befriended Virus and brought him to people who could take care of him.  Virus has since returned to St. Peter's Mission, where he resides to this day.

Virus suffers from mental illness, so even though he appears to be an older teenager his mind is that of a child.  He gained the name Virus because according to him that is what his mother used to call him.

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