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Although he goes by many names he is most commonly known as Virtual Reality.

He is located behind the Doors of Perception and can be found in the Hall of Absolutes. He claims to be unfamiliar to anyone but not unknown. He states that everyone comes to see him at some point in time in some manner and does not allow one to leave until he is finished with them.

After crossing the Threshold of Perception one is forced to witness true reality. In this realm, all truths, half-truths and lies are shown to the eye of the perceiver. Visions of trauma, regret, harshness and sadness are shown to anyone entering. All the events that dominate your psyche are shown to you and most cannot muster the courage to view them. The point is to make you reflect on the choices and problems in your life in an attempt to be at peace. The tour ends at the Terminus.

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