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Plot Summary

Peter Parker has put his Spider-Man days behind him, and has moved away with Mary Jane, leaving New York City without there beloved Spider-Man. Ben Reilly, who’s been a bit down on his luck and staying in Seward Trainer’s pent house, see’s this as his opportunity to fill in Peter Parker’s shoes and be the Spider New York needs. Whilst out on patrol one night Scarlet Spider spots a helicopter shooting at a van. Ben jumps into action to protect its occupants, but they use this opportunity to make a run for it and the helicopter too gets away. When the police get there, the van is identified as harboring experimental "computer chips" stolen earlier in the morning from Vytek. The attackers inform their boss, Dr. Octopus II (or Lady Octopus, Carolyn Trainer) that they’ve failed, in retrieving the stolen software, which Carolyn plans on using in an undisclosed plan.

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