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I was just wondering if anyone here has read any of the Virgin Comics titles, and if you have what are your favorites.

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MitMan says:

"I was just wondering if anyone here has read any of the Virgin Comics titles, and if you have what are your favorites."

virgin comic titles? what r they?

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These are stories based around Indian history and legends. I'm not sure if you have them in the states. Here's a link to them

Personally I think the idea is wonderful, a little put off because of how short lived DC did Milestone. Hope this lasts longer

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Copycat Shaman says:

"yeah the concept does seem pretty cool."

yepp that is right

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We've sent them a few e-mails trying to get their material on the 'Vine for previews but they don't want our help in promoting them. Too bad.

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I like it. the whole idea is cool and i'm gonna check the website out when i have more tiem.

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Some of it's good, not all of it is great (to me). They do their best to showcase Indian talent. Their art seems very paint-oriented.

I read Ramayan 3392 AD for the first few issues, just b/c Deepak Chopra wrote it. Quite picking it up though.

I will tell you that the "Director's Cut" concept is AWESOME though. BOTH of those titles are great. They get a film director to come up w/ a concept, and then have a comic writer & artist do the comics.

"Seven Brothers" (TPB just came out) is a GREAT series - John Woo concept, Garth Ennis writing (!), and some Indian guy on art.

"Gamekeeper" is also GREAT - Guy Ritchie (Snatch, LS&TSB, etc.) concept - not sure who does the writing/art, but it is a really good series.

I get the feeling that most of the people on this board just read DC & Marvel? Not that it's a bad thing, but I read a LOT more Vertigo & Wildstorm stuff than DC or Marvel anymore.

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Until now I just readed India Authentic and Ramayan 3392 AD(not the Reloaded trought but I will read it soon),but they're both very good.I liked ked very much of using Hinduism as a theme in comics,I'm fascinated by this religion.India Authentic prefer to explain each figure in a Issue and Ramayan 3392 AD tells the epic it's based on a futuristic take without losing the supernatural part.I hope Liquid Comics continue their titles.

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