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Origin and Description:

Virgil is over Ten Thousand years old and is the last member of the Lemurian race, and the keeper of the Scrolls of Prophecy and Portals. Virgil also once was the teacher of Skullmaster, before he turned against him.

He guides Mighty Max on his journies, proving guidance and wisdom, as well as pointing out the locations of portals and translating ancient texts.

Virgil is very serious, and is often frustrated at Mighty Max's desire to go against the grain and carefree attitude.

Though he is referred to as a talking chicken through out the series, Virgil is in fact a fowl.

Powers and Abilities:

Virgil has no true superpowers, however he is extremely knowledgeable and can translate and transcribe many foreign and "dead' languages.


Virgil cannot swim and cannot fly.

He is also a very poor hand to hand or weapons fighter.

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